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example() ->
    % URLリスト。
    % {<サーバ名>,<URL>}のようになっている。
    Data = [{a,"http://example.com/"},
    % ダウンロード開始



% ------------------------------
% download thread
% ------------------------------
loop() ->
	{url,Url} ->
	    io:format("Now downloading: ~p~n",[Url]),
	{close,From} ->
	    From ! bye

download() ->
    spawn(fun loop/0).

% ------------------------------
% manage thread
% ------------------------------
    case ets:lookup(Table,Key) of
	[] ->
	    Pid = download(),
	[{Key,Pid}] ->

start(_,[]) ->
start(Table,[{Key,Url}|Xs]) ->
    get_pid(Table,Key) ! {url,Url},

waits_for(0) -> bye;
waits_for(N) ->
      bye -> waits_for(N-1)

waits(Pids) ->
    lists:foreach(fun(Pid) -> Pid ! {close,self()} end, Pids),

    Table = ets:new(table,[set]),
    Pids = lists:map(fun({_Key,Pid})->Pid end, ets:tab2list(Table)),

% ------------------------------
% example
% ------------------------------
example() ->
    Data = [{a,"http://example.com/"},


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