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MouseOverJacking attacks

Bypassing SEHOP

SEHOPとはStructured Exception Handlingの拡張である,Structured Exception Handling Overwrite Protectionの略.と書いてある.良く分からない.

最近Windows,例えばMicrosoft Windows 2008 SP0,Microsoft Windows Vista SP1,Microsoft Windows 7とかで実装されているらしい.

XSS vulnerabilities in 8 millions flash files

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Wapiti is a vulnerability scanner for web applications. It currently search vulnerabilities like XSS, SQL and XPath injections, file inclusions, command execution, LDAP injections, CRLF injections... It use the Python programming language.


Web Application Finger Printing tool written in ruby using sqlite3 databases for storing the fingerprints.

FindDomains v0.1.1

FindDomains is a multithreaded search engine discovery tool that will be very useful for penetration testers dealing with discovering domain names/web sites/virtual hosts which are located on too many IP addresses. Provides a console interface so you can easily integrate this tool to your pentest automation system.

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2nd Call for Papers for the Third IEEE International Symposium on Trust, Security and Privacy for Emerging Applications (TSP-10)

Bradford, UK. Date: 29 June-1 July, 2010


Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel, Pittsburgh, June, 9-11, 2010

ACM WiSec 2010: Call for Posters and Demos. The 3rd ACM Conference on Wireless Network Security

March 22-24, 2010 Hoboken, USA

Special Issue on Wireless Multimedia Networks and Security Services


* Multimedia indexing, processing and retrieval for WMN

* Data mining applications in WMN

* Content-aware multimedia distribution in WMN

* Multimedia multicasting in WMN

* QoS management in WMS

* Multimedia and multimodal interaction models in WMN

* Novel wireless and mobile multimedia applications and services

* Emerging standards, protocols and technologies in WMN

* Security, privacy, and cryptographic algorithms in WMN

* Network security issues and protocols in WMN

* Authentication, identity management in WMN

* Intrusion detection and prevention in WMN

* Content protection and digital rights management for WMS

* Trusted computing in WMS

* Information hiding and watermarking in WMS

* Network forensics and fraud detection for WMS

Important Dates:

Full manuscript due: February 15, 2010

Acceptance Notification: June 15, 2010

Final manuscript due: September 15, 2010

Publication date: 1Q or 2Q 2011 (Tentative)

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