[][]snow 05:54

in the morning...i wished upon the sky ... please let me sleep again and tell those trains not to work.

but the wish didn't come

i went to a company which provides 3day-internship from 12:40 to 18:30 every sunday. i was so afraid to go there since i had no confidence to communicate with people coming there. but actually there were many nice people whom i can feel some kind of sympathy.

one girl is a sub-desk of a freepaper handed to many places in the world. i was so excited but i also felt madcap is okay since they are so different. i didn't jaelous(?).

the other girl has been to Sweden for 2months, and she was in the elementary school there. she studied with swedish boys&girls in real. it's just so cool. i asked her to bring some pics took in the school. also she was talking pics of gothic-lolita-girls as her side-job