[]shopping 14:35

everybody in downtown is running sale! Nordstrom is doing fall season sale. it is amazing! i found one very very cute shoes that are gray, one-strap, round-toe, high-heel...$185. it is over $300 usually, so it is a good deal but still expensive. but those were super...

i got a stripe pants and a white shortsleeve tee at Banana Republic at $15 ot below. and some accessories. i was about to buy black suit but stopped. i'll think about it.

also went to Barneys first time since it came to seattle, and it was so fun but pricy! it's been a while to see those "mode" clothes and loved Marc by Marc Jacobs's shirt! even though they had a sale too, it was expensive. i tried one super lovely ring - $425!! no way :)


[]golf volunteer 22:50

it was raining until i got ready to go home!!!


[][]central! 22:52

so i went to the central movie first time! i saw "black cat white cat"

this, is, wonderfully fun!!! people should watch this! this movie just keeps going crazy. fun and beautiful! and beer&pizza at central was cool too. i definately go back there again.


[]ben, makoto, ayako and her parents 01:07

everyone is great.


[]festive weekend 23:57

saturday - volunteered and get drunk at beerfest

sunday - free food tasting tour at pike place market