[]final 01:34

almost...done. huh, why i cannot do this more earlier?


[]presentation&exam 01:40

presentation turned good. everyone liked Finally HOME! David did a great job. i appreciate that.

then, final. it is a lot of work. i hate it ... i also have a final of ECED and both of them are too much. ive gotta start working(get cracking?) but i haven't done nothing yet... tommorow. from tommorow.


[]Well, 23:09

it is okay but i am very frustrated to the guy that i am working with. he is nice and he has good ideas, but i just want him to do his work in fast as possible. he still didn't make the ppt file. he understand my hard work with the magazine itself, and helped me correcting gramatical mistakes.


[]yey! 00:15

I got A for the paper #2! I haven't expected that because i needed to rewrite but i didn't. but it was A, now i feel like i can get A from that class if i do my best in final exam.


[]No Way 01:15

i hand in the paper, but he extended the deadline since he thought we didn't write what he wants. i don't wanna write it more paper plz!