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It's a Sunday
Cheap NFL Jerseys afternoon in early winter and the NFL is on television. You want a place where you can go, enjoy the game (alone or with friends), drink a few beers and not have to worry about your behavior in front of the kids. Create a man cave where you can go on game day and enjoy some time to yourself. The ultimate man cave, however, includes much more than football. Design a place where all of your hobbies come together, a place where you can escape from the stress of work and family and just relax.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingDIY Cave & Rock Aquarium BackgroundDIY Ultimate Man Cave for FootballPrint this articleInstructions 1Talk to your wife before setting out to create your man cave . Ask for her input to preserve marital harmony. Decide together on where you build your shrine to football, beer and music and how much money you can afford to put into it.2Decorate the space to match your taste. If you are an NFL fan, put up posters of your favorite team and players. Hang pennants on the walls or photos of stadiums.3Purchase a television and make it the central aspect of the room. Place it so you and your friends have a good view of the action. Get cable hooked up so you can enjoy multiple football games on Sundays and Monday nights. Splurge on a big television and surround sound if you can afford it, so you can hear the bone-crunching tackles in their full glory.4Buy a chair that will be "your chair." Go for comfort over style. Pick the chair that makes you happy and place it where it will have the best view of the television. Don't worry, it's your man cave and no one will try to sit in your chair.5Install a small refrigerator in your man cave. It should be only large enough to keep your beer and other snacks cool so you don't have to run upstairs whenever you want a new drink.6Add some rugs to the floor. Since man caves are typically in the basement or garage, they can get quite cold. Putting rugs on the floor will make it more comfortable.7Leave space to set up displays for your DVD and CD collection. Your man cave doesn't only have to be about football, but it can also be a place to enjoy music and movies.Tips & WarningsThere is no right or wrong way to set up a man cave. Build yours within the confines of your budget Cheap Jerseys and most importantly, what makes you comfortable.



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