It is considerably warm this morning


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However, the weather forecast that there is not warmly all the time as it is.

In addition, I cannot put the winter clothes away because there is a cold day.

It is bothersome that the clothes of the four seasons exit in a house.


The season when I have intense difference of the heat and cold

Infini-T Force


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I am busy with an animated show and a hobby and housework every day, and 1st is over immediately happily.

It is a wonderful living that I can enjoy it well.
It seemed to be that, as a result, diversified tastes were good.

It makes a living of the longevity with a slight ailment fun that there were many hobbies since it was young.

Still, it is strange that I feel an animated show to be very interesting recently.


The spring's first south wind



The first seemed to blow Tokyo in this spring on March 1.

The temperature is considerably high from yesterday; and temperature like the early summer.

However, it seems to be early because there seems to be still a day of the low temperature to replace clothes.

I reduced one piece of blanket last night and slept at night because room temperature was quite high.


Day of the today high temperature after rain

Rain Sounds 凄い久しぶりに雨音がするくらいの雨の朝だったが、暫くしたら病んでしまった。


     ∞   ∞   ∞   ∞   ∞   ∞ 

It unusually rained in the morning.

However, already stop now, and temperature is a rise at a stretch; temperature in early summer.

Because it says that pollen flies in large quantities, it will be the best to spend indoors.

Because I do not want to become it for hay fever, I will defend it properly.

I want to no longer increase the allergic diseases.

       ∞   ∞   ∞   ∞   ∞   ∞ 


Morning very sleepy this morning



     ∞   ∞   ∞   ∞   ∞   ∞ 

I was fired up and went out yesterday to finish business.
After having finished housework, I began a PC, but became sleepy in the morning this morning.

I became sleepy and have done a nap soon for around 30 minutes so as not to be able to defy it in sleepiness.
Because it was always to be worried, I search it in a net and confirm it.

I always felt that I became sleepy afterwards when I took in carbohydrates.
So I test it from yesterday. After all the cause was bread of the breakfast.

The lunch took a nap only with bread and milk afterwards yesterday.
The meal made only bread and milk this morning to agree.
After all I became very sleepy.

On study the blood sugar level seems to fall down suddenly if I think whether blood sugar level rises when I take a lot of carbohydrates.

I understood that it was to watch out from now on when I ate carbohydrates.