2018-08-16 Summer to be dead tired in high temperature and humidity

In this summer, typhoons occur frequently.
The summer of excessive high temperature and humidity is long and sleeps after return for a while when I go out.

I use an air-conditioner and the electric fan for May, but keep on putting it now for 24 hours.

Though it is said that wind to feel wind to feel autumn blows by the weather forecast a few days later, it seems to be still intense heat.

Autumn wants you to come early.

A season extremely changes in a short term recently.

It is said that the day when temperature falls suddenly already comes by the forecast immediately.
If midsummer is over, I do not think strangely even if winter comes immediately.
I want it to be the season when an air-conditioner is unnecessary early.

?where famous Awa Folk Dance has trouble about a plan change

The politics that it is strange that anything goes to the direction where the culture without a problem is disturbed.
It is crazy Japan.


2018-08-02 Tokyo where days more than 40 degrees Celsius lead to

I use an air-conditioner and the electric fan at night this year from April.

A much hotter and more humid day continues.

It is hot even early in the morning and is hot because the road is burnt.

After it enters in October to be relieved; is.

I want it to be autumn early.



The intense heat arrival


It was intense heat more than 35 degrees at last yesterday.
Not only the temperature but also the humidity is considerably high.

There is already a much hotter and more humid day in Tokyo from April, and rain does not almost fall.
However, a flood has both the neighborhood cities, towns and villages and the Japanese Islands whole by a heavy rain.

Because the rainy season was over early, it seems to be long summer this year.
I am not caught in a flood, but there are many people worsening condition, and, by excessive humidity, what I am is troubled with heat stroke.

I operate an air-conditioner and the electric fan during

2018-06-29 It is a tropical night from the day before yesterday


The neighboring weather is weather forecasts of the rain mark in the rainy season.
However, only Tokyo is very hot and humid only in a fine mark all the time.

It cannot help using an air-conditioner and an electric fan only in 2-3 hours later to turn off an air-conditioner.

There will not be it when I do not spend it preparing in this summer according to weather cast.
The people who I feel tired, and are out of condition appear one after another

under the influence of a climate and seem to get sick.
The symptom is severe from a weak person.


I resemble our cat closely.

It seemed to become the urban legend to say that the long hair cat was short-lived.
Our cat is an old woman cat becoming 16-18 years old.
I become senile a little except that legs weakened

Unfortunately words increased in a loud voice considerably well.
Because it is a long hair cat though the manners are good, care of the hair is necessary.

Because she is very fine, she seems to considerably live long.
Disorder of the physical condition came out to me recently.
It is a herniated intervertebral disk or allergic dermatitis and angina.

Therefore I submitted documents to the animal welfare group.
The cat seems to live longer than me.
She lives long than the life that she planned more than eight years.
The cat 20 years or older seemed to come out recently, too.