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China plans to reduce the number of death sentences it hands out each year to “an extremely small number” and to reserve executions for only the most serious offenders.

In an interview published yesterday in the state-run Legal Daily, Zhang Jun , vice-president of the Supreme People’s Court, said that China would not abolish capital punishment but would restrict the number of executions and increase the use of a “death penalty with reprieve” sentence.


Last year China sentenced 159,020 people to five or more years in prison, to life imprisonment or death, accounting for 15.8 per cent of all criminal sentences, the Legal Daily reported. Specific data on China’s capital punishment and its prisons are classified as state secrets and complete information about executions is all but impossible to obtain.

The Hong Kong office of Amnesty International notes that China applies the death penalty to more than 60 offences, including many non-violent and economic crimes. Based on its monitoring of official Chinese media reports and consultations with a cross-section of academics, the human rights group believes that at least 1,718 people were executed in China in 2008.






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