2013-03-18 軍隊に入れればしゃんとするてのは、神話だな

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世の中には、若者を「軍隊に入れればしゃんとする」や「武道で鍛えればしゃんとする」といった神話があるようですが、マジ神話だったぜ。ちなみに、武道で鍛えれば派は今女子柔道パワハラ問題でかーなーり分が悪い。そいで、退役者・従軍者14000人の調査を紹介するよ:No wonder our ex-soldiers are looking for a fight | Barbara Ellen | Opinion | The Guardian

Links were found between active combat and post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol abuse and depression. While overall the armed forces are less likely than civilians to offend, they are three times more likely to be convicted of violent offences; 20% of younger males (under 30) have been convicted of violence compared with 6.7% of civilians. Those who served in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan were 53% more likely to offend violently than those not on the frontline. Those with multiple experiences of combat had a 70%-80% greater risk of being convicted for acts of violence.

They were also more likely to offend before they joined up, which again made it more likely for them to be selected for combat. The report says: "Infantry units have traditionally promoted aggression as a desirable trait and such units frequently recruit individuals who are socially disadvantaged and are likely to have low educational attainment." So, let's get this straight: disadvantaged, poorly educated, young guys, who got into fights or, worse, before joining up are more likely to be sent into combat and are then more likely to be both traumatised and criminalised by their experiences. Isn't this just a modern take on "cannon fodder"?



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