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Autel MaxiCom MK906 vs. MaxiSYS MS906 vs. MaxiSYS Pro MS908P

Right here comes the new diagnostic pad Autel produced – autel scanner MaxiCom MK906. so, how much do you understand it? Is it worth you dollars? Look here.

What’s Autel MaxiCom MK906:

Q: Is this a fake Chinese copy of the Autel MaxiSYS MS906?

A: No, that is AUTEL original product. Right here will be the link on
AUTEL official web page:

Q: How much would be the up dates right after the free year to get updates? Is it 500 like the ms906.

A: Yes, exact same with MS906, one particular year free of charge update, then 495USD/year.

Q: Does it support coding and programming?

A: MK906 functions for coding but no luck with programming. For programming with autel scanner ms908p is definitely the only option.

Autel MK906 vs Autel MS906 vs autel ms908p:

Functions comparison:

Autel MS906 is employed for auto diagnostic test only, while MK906
and MS908P can function for not merely diagnosis but in addition ECU

It depends on what you may need.

For diagnosis only, possess a Autel MS906.

For diagnosis and coding, have Autel MK906

For diagnosis and coding, programming, have Autel MK906 and MS908P


Hardware specifications comparison:

Autel MK906 and MS906 pretty much share the identical hardware
options. Each hardware is enhanced a great deal, compared with MS908P.
But MK906 will likely be far better than MS906 for the reason that it’s
lighter – fantastic to take it anyplace.

That may be, the new Autel MaxiCom MK906 wins, in terms of hardware style.


How to set up GM Tech2 clone scanner

As titled, here’s little guide on set up a GM tech2 clone scan tool.
Buy a GM tech 2. The Tech 2 remains an essential tool through at least the 2010 model year. Clones are available from $200-$350.

It should arrive within a week (took 5 days for me) from Hong Kong.
Some prefer GM Tech2 Scanner, no case. I bought the TECH2 with candi. The unit comes with a CD and stickers.  You made your choice.


Get out an old laptop or buy one online e-shop. It needs Windows XP and a serial port. I run a Dell D630. You can try USB to serial adapters or newer versions of Windows but do you want to mess around with getting old software to run on new computers?

Download cracked TIS2000 from the software on GM forums or use the CD in package and install it on the laptop.

The PCMCIA card comes pre-installed in the gm Tech2. It also comes with a bunch of adapters. You find the one that hooks under the dash. Connect that to the Candi module (that comes with the TEch2) and connect it under the dash. The candi module connects to the tech2. Turn on the tech 2 (the obd2 powers it, no need for wall or cigarette lighter power) and you can read DTCs and stuff.

Now if you want to make changes (such as comfort close or whatever you want to do) there is a menu item on the tech2 that says “Common Adjustments”. Go in there and pick the one you want. Hit ok and then the Tech2 will say it needs security access and tells you what to do to get it (which is basically disconnect the tech2….yes it powers down…and hook up the Tech 2 via ethernet cable that is supplied that hooks into a ethernet/serial connector that is also supplied that you hook into the laptop.) Connect the AC adapter to the wall to power the Tech2. You fire up the TIS2000 software on the laptop and on the main screen it says “Get Security Access”. Click on that and it communicates with the Tech2. Click through a few screens and a minute later and it says Level 1 access granted. You unhook the tech2 from the laptop and head back to the car and go back in and change things to your hearts content. Where before it would ask you to get security access you don’t need to anymore.
To make things even easier instead of disconnecting the tech II from the OBD2TOOL and having to power it while it communicates with the laptop (the AC adapters are flaky apparently) I just run an extension cord out to my car for the laptop. Disconnect the tech2 from the car when it prompts you to, reconnect it to the obd2 for power, and also to the laptops serial port. Do everything all connected up. It gets a bit crowded in there with a laptop and Auto Scanner Tool tech2 and cables, but they can just sit on the passenger seat.



SDconnect C4 connection problem- Das fault (1.1) -1.501.9878

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SD Connect C4 fails to connect and comes up with the error message:

Das fault (1.1) -1.501.9878

The mux is connecting, with diagnosis computer both by lan cable or
wifi ( passed and respond to all self tests), no lcd problems or blocked
(!) . The fault comes when das try to initialize the mux green led
blinks about 10 sec,and this fault comes no matter is from das
standalone or launched from xentry.

Software & install:

xentry 12.2015 , das bin, blacklist fixed etc on a dell d630 appid 253 and ……


You must change IP address in windows.

Go into “Control Panel”, “Network Connection”, “Local Network
Connection”> right click > properties > choose this one with
TCP/IP, select this, chose properties, choose manually ip, and put this
ip “”, mask (as you will get when type ip),
rest of field, leave blank.

if it does not work

Try one more time make update of these 2 package.





Tech 2 Self Tests

Tech 2 self tests verify that the Tech 2 is functioning normally. The self tests evaluate all critical areas of the Tech 2 and display pass or fail messages for each subsystem tested. Self tests isolate user error from system hardware failures. The self tests should be performed periodically to insure that the Tech 2 is operating properly.

The Tech 2 must meet the following requirements in order to do a self test:
1 Screen display must be fully readable
2 Keypad must be operational

Begin the Tech 2 self-testing program by following these steps:
1. Press [ENTER] while viewing the Tech 2 start-up screen.


2. Select F3: Tool Options from the automotive diagnostic equipment Tech 2 Main Menu.


3. Select F3: Self Test from the Tool Options menu.




X-431 Diagun IV High Light

Launch X431 Diagun IV is
an slim evolutionary vehicle diagnostic tool. Featuring a quad-core
1.1GHz processor, and a 5.5 inch capacitive screen, X-431 Diagun IV
delivers diagnostic functionality which helps to diagnose vehicle issues
more efficiently.

In addition, X-431 Diagun IV supports Wi-Fi connection, one-click
update, diagnostic feedback and all kinds of service functions
(including oil lamp reset etc)

High Light:

1. 2017 Diagun Latest version : X431 Diagun IV

2. With Android 7.0 system, support wifi one-click update

3. 2 Years Free update on Launch Official Web

4. Handset, Easy to operate, avoid broken or lost bluetooth adpater.

5. SD Card storage: 16GB Storage,(Expandable up to 64GB)


7.Add Special Function: Brake Reset,Oil Reset,SAS
Reset,BAT.Reset,Bleeding,Elec.TH Tottle Rottle Rlrn, TPMS Reset, DPF

8. Language:Multi-language

28-0 28-1


Diagnose: Configures X-431 Diagun IV to operate as a diagnostic tool.

Special Function: To perform some maintenance items, including
electronic throttle position reset, ABS bleeding, oil lamp reset etc.

Feedback Diagnosis: This option allows you to feed back the diagnostic
reports/software bugs to us for troubleshooting and analysis.

Software Upgrade: To update vehicle diagnostic software. If you keep
signed in, a pop-up message will appear on the screen once a newer
version is detected.

Maintenance Help: To browse the FAQ, Quick Start Guide, User Manual and How-To videos.

Personal Center: To manage, activate your VCI connector, diagnostic report or personal information etc.



1. Diagnostics:A. Diagnose

Diagnose the electronic control systems of prevailing vehicle models

covering Asian, European, American and Chinese. Diagnosis functions
include: Read DTCs, Clear DTCs and Read data stream etc.

Via Bluetooth, it is simple for the VCI connector to communicate withX-431 Diagun IV.

B. Reset: Include all kinds of maintenance resets.

C. One-click Update: Let you update diagnostic software and APK more efficiently.

2. Browser: Built-in Wi-Fi module makes surfing on the internet freely.

3. Email: Allows you to send and receive emails.

4. Settings: To configure your personalized X-431 Diagun IV through it.

5. Applications: Other android based applications can be customized to install or uninstall.

Vehicle connection:

The method used to connect the VCI connector to a vehicle’s DLC depends on the vehicle’s configuration as follows:

A vehicle equipped with an OBD II management system supplies both communication and 12V power through a standardized DLC.

A vehicle not equipped with an OBD II management system supplies
communication through a DLC connection, and in some cases supplies 12V
power through the cigarette lighter receptacle or a connection to the
vehicle battery.

For OBDII vehicle,proceed as follows:

1. Locate vehicle’s DLC socket.

2. Plug the VCI connector into the vehicle’s DLC socket (It is suggested
to use the OBD II extension cable to connect the VCI connector and DLC

3. Choose one of the two ways to obtain power from:

A. Power adaptor: Connect one end of the included power adaptor to DC IN port of X431 Diagun IV handset, and the other end to AC outlet.

B. Internal battery pack

For non-OBDII vehicle, proceed as follows:

1. Locate vehicle’s DLC socket.

2. Select the corresponding non-16pin connector.

3. Plug the non-16pin end of the connector into the DLC socket, then
connect the other end to the OBD I adaptor, and then tighten the captive

4. Connect the other end of the adaptor to the included VCI connector.

5. To supply power to OBD I adaptor from:

A. Cigarette Lighter cable(optional): Connect one end of the cigarette
lighter cable to vehicle’s cigarette lighter receptacle, and the other
end to the power jack of OBD I adaptor.

B. Battery Clamps Cable(optional): Connect one end of the battery clamps

Reset function:

The Reset section is specially designed to provide you quick access to
the vehicle systems for various scheduled service and maintenance
performances. All resetting operations are driven by executive commands.
Just by following the on-screen prompts to select appropriate execution
options, input correct values or data, and perform necessary actions,
the system will guide you through the complete performance.

Vehicle lists: