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Chapter 14: REFORMING EDUCATION:[14-21]〜[14-25]

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Positive Conditions for Reform Must Be Established

Reform requires creating conditions for change. There is no sense in exhorting educators to change what they are doing and then ignoring the obstacles in their path. Not surprisingly, a major barrier to reform is the same barrier that gets in the way of good education in general: the working circumstances of teachers and administrators.


In all too many schools, physical, administrative, and psychological circumstances militate against undertaking major curricular reform efforts. Typically, teachers lack time to think, study, organize materials, confer with colleagues, counsel individual students, and attend professional meetings. What is more, they do not have private offices, computers for word processing and recordkeeping, laboratory assistants, access to expert consultants, or the other kinds of support that professionals in other fields expect. And principals are scarcely better off. The press of such demanding matters as public relations, personnel management, budgets, student attendance, and safety leave principals with little time, energy, or inclination to engage in program matters at all—let alone in major reform activities.


At the same time as barriers to reform are being removed, positive conditions for change must be established. They need to emphasize creating an environment for teachers and administrators that encourages experimentation, focus on long-term gains rather than on such immediate goals as raising test scores, and recognize and reward innovation.


The need for positive conditions for reform goes well beyond the schools. What schools can accomplish for many children is very limited as long as a quarter of the students are raised in poverty, drug use and violence go unabated, racism persists, and commercial television remains vapid or worse while educational television stays chronically undernourished. It is an admirable notion that better education is necessary for and can lead to a better America. But only if some of today's worst social problems are ameliorated will the schools be able to take the sweeping reform steps that will enable them to have extensive positive effects on society. The reforming of education and the reforming of society need to go hand in hand.


To help ensure that reform does happen, continuing community support for education is essential. Such support is not easy to sustain in the face of changing demographics and changing social priorities. Therefore, informed and determined political leadership at every level and in every sector—government, business, labor, and education—is crucial for achieving reform. Without such leadership, community support for educational reform will fade away long before lasting results can be achieved.

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