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Create save data

| 09:03

This is the process for saving data in app I thought up.
The app I'm making has functions to show separated data on own tab. For the sake of showing that separated data, I created the "db" class. "db" class is the superclass of all class have separated data.
And "db" class has all its data in the own 2-dimentional array. Next, "save" class that run to manage the all data by setting value of each instance into its 3-dimentional array. Thus, I am able to get value whatever I need from all of the data.

Gathering all data in 1 array make me easy to save the data made by app. Because, what I need to save is only serializing the instance of "save" class.

The way to save data is cleared, so next issue is how can I get value from instance deserialized, and how can the instance be shered by all class.

It is the all of my study today.
This report is too little but it is late for me, so I'll go to bed from now on.
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