X is growth. Y is money. and it generates TR 02:12

i changed my style and came to believe that correlation chart.
but considering about my tendency by today, it would result in failure. my original ideas, although i don't say everything is bad, but most of them, are silly and stupid. there's no need to follow myself, my true feeling. sometimes fake is better than truth, if that fake is made by some smart knowledge.
I need to write them on note. see it everyday.

勝ち続ける意志力 (小学館101新書)

勝ち続ける意志力 (小学館101新書)

新訳 経営者の条件 (ドラッカー選書)

新訳 経営者の条件 (ドラッカー選書)


I haven't studied mathematics well so I want to learn the basic of logical thinking by studying CODE.


Whether something is good or bad all depends on the efficiency of the country it was made in, so you have no confidence in goods that don't give the name.


I am sorry I have no time to think about myself seriously.


  • I have no confidence in my skill, so I need to get used to that situation.
  • improvement is great. How about always thinking about how much I could improve myself, my skill?
  • But I don't want to feel pain about this action or attitude. Also I don't want to put myself into hard and dark days at my will.
  • When thinking about our growth, i think there's two main factor there, speed and scale.
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