San Francisco Shogi Club(日本将棋連盟サンフランシスコ支部)

2017-07-13 入会のご案内

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Join the SF Shogi Club!

Are you interested in Shogi? Shogi is Japanese chess. When people play Shogi, two players take turns moving pieces that are called koma. The game is over when a king is checkmated. The rules for playing Shogi are not complicated.

Please join the SF Shogi Club. The main acitivity is a meeting of playing Shogi with members once a month in Japan town. Beginners are welcome! We are happy to teach you.

Sometimes Japanese professional Shogi players come to San Francisco, so you might have a chance of meeting and playing shogi with them. The advisor to the SF Shogi Club is Hirotaka Nozuki, a professional Shogi player.

A schedule of regular meetings and membership fees are as follows:

例会の日程:毎月第一日曜日 午後1時から5時

場所:日米会館 1759 Sutter St. (btw. Buchanan and Laguna)

会費:正会員年会費$120 ビジター会員1日 $10(初回無料)



Regular meeting: 1st Sunday of every month 1 pm to 5 pm

Location: Nichibei Kaikan 1759 Sutter St. San Francisco (btw Buchanan and Laguna)

Fee: annual membership fee $120 visitors $10/day (FREE TRIAL!!)

Member's families may join for free. For more information, contact