2017-09-16 Debian Stretch Debut!

Debian Stretch Debut!

I installed Debian Stretch on my Thinkpad X1 Carbon which I bought several years ago, same laptop as I wrote in this article.
I have been waiting for a long time fixing GNOME desktop bug that natural scroll does't work properly. On this release, this issue might be fixed fine. The day I am going to be able to use Debian as my main machine may be soon, though a lot of people talk about Apple new products, iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

And there is one more happy thing for me. I found the ISO image included non-free firmwares. Whenever I installed debian into my Thinkpad, I have to check how to load wifi firmware correctly. This image helps me to enable to allow that I don't investigate how to load a wifi firmware. Installation procedure became very easily.

But installation is not completed finished. I have to install some softwares around IME, SKK and so on. Final judge will be done after my installation completed and my using for some days.