2017-09-25 Debian Stretch Install Procedure

Debian Stretch Install Procedure

In this article, I said that I would try Debian Stretch installing my Thinkpad. This is a procedure.

  1. Download ISO included non-free firmware from this site
  2. Burn this ISO into CD-R or DVD-R
  3. Boot from this CD-R or DVD-R
  4. Select Expert Install
    1. Choose language
      1. Language is English
      2. Location is Tokyo/Asia
      3. Locale is C
    2. Keyboard is American English
    3. Select default values until host configurations
      1. Network configuration is Auto
      2. Configure hostname and domain
    4. Configure user
      1. Enable shadow password
      2. Don't allow root login and define root password
      3. Configure normal user
    5. Using NTP and Locale is Tokyo/Asia
    6. Configure partition, using all disk with automatically partition size
    7. Install base image is linux-image-amd64
    8. Device driver is installed only for this machine
    9. Configure package manager
      1. Use network mirror
      2. Download protocol is http
      3. Mirror country is Japan
      4. apt-server is
      5. Not using proxy
      6. Use non-free software is yes
    10. Install Software Selection
      1. Join popularity contest
      2. Only System Tools selected
    11. GRUB Installation
      1. Select YES at Install the GRUB boot loader to the master boot record
      2. Next question is NO(default)
    12. At last phase, asked if changing NTP location to UTC from Tokyo/Asia, select No
  5. After reboot, changing Keybinding CapsLock to Ctrl, edit /etc/default/keyboard like below and reboot

  1. After reboot, configure wifi
    1. ip link set wlp3s0 up(wlp3s0 might be different on each environment)
    2. iwlist wlp3s0 scan and check the ESSID to connect
    3. wpa_passphrase $ESSID $PASSPHRASE>>/etc/network/interfaces
    4. edit /etc/network/interfaces like below
iface $WifiName inet dhcp 
  wpa-ssid $ESSID 
  wpa-psk $wpa_passphrase_result
    1. ifup wlp3s0=$WifiName
  1. Install following software with apt-get
    • build-essential
    • terminator
    • gdm3
    • chromium
    • nautilus-dropbox
    • emacs and ddskk
    • uim
    • uim-skk
    • gnome-themes-standard
    • libcanberra-gtk-module


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