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2004年04月05日(月):Mon 金持父さんの予言?


[][]金持ち父さんの予言 金持ち父さんの予言を含むブックマーク

From Publishers Weekly When the first baby boomers celebrate their 70th birthdays in 2016, according to rich dad (the author's financial mentor and father of his boyhood chum), a massive stock market crash will ensue. Joining half a dozen popular Rich Dad books, this volume continues Kiyosaki's eloquent yet simple survival instructions to investors present and future.

Kiyosaki's wealth stems from lessons learned at rich dad's balance sheets, and here he deftly illustrates those complex financial truths.

He encourages readers-many of whom suffer from what he sees as the dismal lack of financial education in the school system-to understand factors such as ERISA, the investor-unfriendly retirement law for which rich dad vilified the government, and the overabundance of "white bread" financial advice for the masses. Wall Street has nothing to gain by smartening up investors, Kiyosaki warns, so it's up to people to educate themselves.

Those convinced that reading financial statements is an activity solely for the sophisticated and the moneyed will be reassured by Kiyosaki's analogies-Noah's ark is a primary one-as he colorfully covers a host of investing esoterica and scrutinizes details every investor should recognize.

"Investing time when I had no time, and investing money when I had very little money is what made me rich," he says.


Book Description

As recent events have proven, when it comes to retirement, relying solely on a 401K plan is a sure recipe for disaster. By the year 2012-10 years from now-the vast majority of Baby Boomers will be on the verge of retirement-and they'll be looking to cash in on their hefty 401K retirement packages.

The problem is, according to Kiyosaki and Lechter, that all of these people who religiously pumped thousands of dollars over their working years into their 401Ks are going to be crushed if their mutual funds just haven't performed.

To avert this financial crisis, Kiyosaki and Lechter provide a detailed financial plan to help forward-looking people prepare for the worst and start planning now.



なぜ、史上最大の株式大暴落がアメリカで起ころうとしているのか? 将来への経済的備えは万全か?生き残るための自分自身の方舟を造ろう!雑誌新聞テレビなどで、「年金はいったいいくらもらえるのか」「はたして公的年金だけで暮らしていけるのか」といった話題が目につく。国の公的年金制度はどうやらあてにならないようだ、という認識は、常識になりつつあるようだ。ところで企業年金は大丈夫か、などと考えていると不安はどんどん大きくなるが、不安がっていても仕方がない。そろそろ国や会社ばかりに頼らず、自分の力で将来を切り開くための準備を始めよう。


編集合戦ウィキペディアに登場. 編集合戦がウィキペディアに登場.を含むブックマーク

wikipedia日本)に編集合戦が出てきた.海外で起こっているようだ.先行して はてなでは頻繁に紛争がありました.


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