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85 Future of the Universe #future #universe

85 Future of the Universe #future #universe

○ Future of the universe is due to curvature of the universe and dark energy. [1]

【Future of the Universe】
○About the future of the universe, three main scenarios considered. [2]

Scenario 1: The universe would continue accelerating forever. Therefore, the Milky Way of solar system would have led to gravitationally combined galaxies with very near. In order to exhaust material gas, there are no longer new stars in these galaxies. There are only leaving remnants of black holes and neutron stars, white dwarf stars.・・・10 ^ 18〜10 ^ '25 years after
<If the universe is geometrically flat and dark energy is constant>
k(the geometry of space)=0
Ω:the density parameter=ρ/ρc
ρc:the critical density=9×10^-27(kg/㎥)=3Ho^2/8πG
Ho:Hubble's constant
π:the circumference of a circle divided=3.1415…
G:Gravitational constant=6.67×10^−11 (m^3 kg^−1 s^−2)

Scenario 2: Inflation would slow gradually, over time the expansion will stop. Furthermore, from which the universe starts to shrink, becomes very small and collapses. = "The Big Crunch". ・・・10^27 years after
<If the universe is analogous to a two-dimensional life-form on the surface of a sphere and dark energy decreases>     
      π is small on large scales, parallel lines will ultimately meet, and the
interior angles of a triangle add up to more than 180 degrees.

Scenario 3: The acceleration of the universe may happen so quickly that galaxies, stars, and eventually atoms will be torn apart, in the so-called Big Rip.[3]・・・10^18〜10^25 years after
<If the universe is analogous to a saddle-shape and infinite, and dark energy increases.>
πis large on large scales, parallel lines diverge, and the interior angles of a triangle add up to less than 180 degrees.

○ Curvature of the universe・・・The Keyword is Friedman
• According to Friedman, curvature of the universe takes three values positive or zero or negative by the amount of materials and energy in the interior of the universe.
・In the three types of expansion of the universe that Friedman revealed, expansion speed becomes either "gradually slow" or "at the same rate". In the universe of negative curvature, finally expansion rate becomes constant, otherwise, the expansion rate will be slow due to gravity of matter inside the universe.
・Curvature of the universe can be obtained by precisely measuring the temperature fluctuations (non-uniformity of the signal strength) of the cosmic background radiation.
・According to observations of 2005, Ω is between 0.98 and 1.06. [4]

○ However, expansion of the universe has gently accelerated from six billion years ago(doubled over a period of several billion years: the second of inflation) . [1]
・Accelerated expansion is believed to be due to dark energy.

○Dark energy[5]・・・We know only nature of it, that is accelerating the expansion of the universe.
・Dark energy is the unknown energy to accelerate the expansion of the universe. It has similar properties as the cosmological term that introduced by Einstein to keep the static state of the universe without collapse by gravity.
・Its identity might be the energy of a mere vacuum as well as the cosmological term, or some potential energy (of the scalar field) that does not substantially change even in 10 billion years of time scale.
Others, it can be considered such scenarios that gravity theory which defines the cosmic expansion deviates from general relativity, or remnants of the high-dimensional cosmological such as membrane models have created an effective dark energy.

○In the case of scenario 1, it is necessary to escape from this universe after a few trillion years. [6]

[Expansion of the universe] [7]
○ For expansion of the universe is the expansion of space-time itself, so it is also possible to exceed the speed of light.
○Currently, the observable universe is expanding at 3.5 times of the speed of light. And expansion is accelerating.
: In the 18 billion light-years distant, the expansion velocity exceeds the speed of light. = We can not observe in the distance from it.
⇒After 2 trillion years it almost becomes invisible but one giant galaxy.
: We are living in special times!

○Outside of the observable universe is not known whether infinite or finite.
○ In any case, the observable universe is smaller than the whole universe, so we can not determine the structure of the entire universe by observation.

⇒ Therefore, in order to escape from our universe, rather than fly, it is necessary to exceed the time and space.

[Free lunch model] (Alan Harvey Guth)[8]
・Negative energy is repulsive force, and repulsive force inflates the space.
・When "negative" energy is generated by quantum fluctuations, "positive" energy of the same amount is also generated.
= If the universe continues to expand, material and energy are newly generated.

○According to observations so far, we are likely to think a bit optimistic about the future of the universe.
○But above is hypothesis and it is not intended validated. Moreover, the time requires 10 billion years. Don't worry!
○ Hypothesis over the future of the universe is a situation of "anything goes". [9]

☆There is a possibility that the universe can take any form.
☆ In the early universe, it might be another universe looked.


【Future of intelligence】
☆ The important thing for the intelligence is communication between the parallel universe rather than escape from the universe.
☆ Communication between the parallel universe would be done by GAI[10].

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20180120 Organizing references
20180307 Addition of Free lunch model

85 宇宙の未来 #未来 #宇宙

85 宇宙の未来 #未来 #宇宙



G:重力定数=6.67×10^−11 (m^3 kg^−1 s^−2)

・2005年現在の観測結果によると、Ω は 0.98 と 1.06 の間にあるとされている。[5]



その正体は,宇宙項と同じく,単なる真空のエネルギーであるかもしれないし, 100億年の時間スケールでもほとんど変化しない何らかの(スカラー場の)ポテンシャルエネルギーであるかもしれない。




【フリーランチ・モデル】アラン・グース(Alan Harvey Guth) [9]




☆並行宇宙間のコミュニケーションは、GAI [11]によって行われるだろう。

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20180307 フリーランチ・モデルの追加

84 Future #future

84 Future #future

in 2018
Canon seeks fully automated facility - ECONOMICS [1]
・One-chip computer with the ability to exceed the human brain will be born. [2]
☆2027 Launch of No. 1 Nanocraft - Starship construction plan [3]
2030  Computer with a comparable human intelligence will emerge. [4]
2037 Completion of the laser propulsion system of Star shot [3]
2040  One-chip computer will have a capacity of 100 000 times the human brain. [2]
2042 Star shot firing [3]
2045  Artificial intelligence is beyond the human in terms of knowledge and intelligence. Mankind technological progress prediction of the past no longer apply.
(=Technological singularity(2005年 Ray Kurzweil (1948- ))[5]
2045~2100  Fusion power plant construction [6]
45 years later We will get information from the star shot (resource, landable land, landing method). [3]
☆50 years later Launch of No.2 nanocraft (supply ship) (2 new GAIs) - Starship construction plan [3]
☆100 Years later Arrive at Alpha Centauri, collaboration of 2 nanocrafts and receive supply material (landing and terraform material etc) - Starship construction plan [3]
100~200 years later  Mankind manages the total energy of the earth and colonizes in the vicinity of the planet. [7]
☆150 Years later Arrive at earth type planet of Alpha Centauri and start of terafoam (mineral collection and processing, construction of solar panels etc) - Starship construction plan [2]
☆160 years later Start of building a Starship - Starship construction plan [2]

1500 within year  The arrival of the ice age (When reducing the CO2 concentration (390 ppmv) to the CO2 concentration before the industrial revolution (280 ppmv))[8]
2,000~3,000 years later 
・Mankind manages the total energy of the Solar system. [7]
☆the completion of the Starship- Starship construction plan [3]

※Image of a Dyson sphere [9]

☆40,000 years later Humanity will arrive at the starship (Alpha Centauri) [3]
100,000~1,000,000 years later  Mankind manages the total energy of the Milky Way galaxy. [7]

5 million years later The peak of ice age [10]
☆10 million years later Reaching of a Starship to the other star. [11]

50 million years later African continent collision to the European. And Mediterranean, Caspian, Black Sea will disappear. [12]

100 million years later Mass extinction by volcanic activity occurs. [10]
250 million years later The formation of the super-continent Amasia (Antarctica does not move.) [13]
1 billion years later
・Solar luminosity increase more than 10% [14].

※Earth and sun after 1 billion years[15]

2 billion years later  Earth's oceans have dried up. (Evaporated water will diffuse out of the earth) [12]
3 〜4billion years later There may be Andromeda galaxy and our Milky Way galaxy (2.5 million light years away now) collision.
(If they collide, the chance of individual stars colliding with each other is extremely low.) [12] [14] [16] [17]
5 billion years later  The sun has become a red giant. [12]

After two trillion years It will not be able to observe galaxies outside the Local Group.
= Traces of the Big Bang disappear. = Evidence of cosmic expansion also disappear. = Clues of dark energy is lost.
⇒ Revival of cosmology until 1930::The universe is forever unchanged.

Trillions of years away At the moment we can not see the future of the universe. [19]

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【Change log】
20170116  Addition of Dyson Ball and Earth's Future Diagram, Organization of References

84 未来 #未来

84 未来 #未来

・カメラ生産、完全自動化へ―キヤノン [1]
2027年 星船建造計画 1号探査機の打ち上げ[3]
2030年 人間並みの知能を持ったコンピュータが出現する。[4] [5]
2037年 スターショットのレーザー推進システムの完成[3]
2040年 人間の脳の10万倍の能力をワンチップのコンピュータが持つに至る。[2]
2042年 スターショットの発射[3]
2045年 人工知能知識・知能の点で人間を超越し、これまでの人類技術進歩予測は通用しなくなる。(=技術的特異点(2005年 レイ・カーツワイル(1948- ))[6]
2045~2100年 核融合発電所を建設 [7]
2062年 スターショットからの情報(資源、着陸適地、着陸方法)を得る。[3]
☆50年後 星船建造計画 2号探査機(補給船)の打ち上げ(新たな2体)[3]
☆100年後 星船建造計画 ケンタウルス座アルファ星に到着+1・2号の連携・補給資材(着陸・テラフォーム資材等)の受け取り[3]
100~200年後 地球の全エネルギーを管理し、近くの惑星に植民する。[8]
☆150年後 星船建造計画 ケンタウルス座アルファ星の地球型惑星に到着、テラフォームの開始(鉱物採取・加工、太陽パネルの建造 等)[3]
☆160年後 星船建造開始[3]

1,500年以内  氷期の到来(CO2濃度(390 ppmv)を産業革命以前のCO2濃度(280 ppmv)まで削減した場合)[9] [10]


☆4万年後 人類が星船(ケンタウルス座アルファ星)に到着[3]
100,000~1,000,000年以内 天の川銀河系で得られる全エネルギーを利用する。[8]

500万年後  氷河期ピーク [12]
☆1,000万年後 星船(ケンタウルス座アルファ星)が他の恒星に到達する。[3]
5000万年後 アフリカ大陸ヨーロッパに衝突し、地中海カスピ海黒海が消える。[13][14]

1億年後  火山活動による大量絶滅 [12]
2億5千万年後  超大陸アメイジアの出現(南極大陸は動かない。)[13] [15]
10億年後 太陽の光度が10%以上増加する。[13]


20億年後 地球の海は干上がっている。(蒸発した水は地球の外に拡散する)[17]
30〜40億年後 我々の天の川銀河とおそよ250万光年離れているアンドロメダ銀河が衝突する。[17]

2兆年後 局部銀河団外の銀河を観測することはできなくなる。[18]

数兆年先 宇宙の未来は見通せていない。[19]

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20170116 ダイソン球と地球の未来図の追加、参照の整理
20170607 星船建造計画の追加

83 Extinction #extinction

83 Extinction #extinction

“3,500 million years after life birth. The produced living thing is 5 billion 〜 50 billion sorts. It is already exterminated 99.9% of them. Extinction is the universal fate which visits to an organism species” Takashi Tachibana(1940-)

○ Snowball earth
・For about 5〜600 million years at the last Precambrian age Earth entered the time of the snowball earth, and near the equator was covered on ice.
・Most lives on Earth of this time were bacteria.
・The time of the dramatic life evolution "Cambrian explosion" had come after the snowball earth.
・There is also an opinion it is supposed that the earth will be in the state of the snowball earth again in the future.

※The Snowball Earth [1]

○Extinction of dinosaurs
・6.5million years ago,the collision of a meteorite 10km in diameter to Earth of the dinosaurs planet.
・The clash formed crater of over 250km in diameter(15 ~ 25km depth) in the falling
point(off the Yucatan Peninsula).
・The body of meteorite vaporized by heat of impact vaporization, and dust spreaded into the atmosphere.
・Rock at falling point melted by the heat and splattered around.
・Atmosphere became opaque by dust and sunlight could not reach the surface, the earth was cooling.
・In addition to dinosaurs, many creatures became extinct in order to can not adapt to the rapidly changing environment.

1. Credit: Stocktrek Images, Inc. / Alamy

83 絶滅 #絶滅

83 絶滅 #絶滅



スノーボールアース [1]




【参 照】
1. スノーボールアース - Wikipedia

20170202 テレビドラマ「仁」(2009)よりを追加

【New Song】RADIO DOG (A DOG ON THE MARS) #NewSong #Mars

【New Song】RADIO DOG (A DOG ON THE MARS) #NewSong #Mars
2019 Songwriting Studio Gooda!

A pet dog living on Mars in 2030.
Owners are dead.
Every day, he do a healing dance in front of the grave.
He has not eaten for a long time.
But a robot dog that does not die.
He is waiting for human beings.

【新曲】火星の犬【New original song】 #新曲 #火星

【新曲】火星の犬【New original song】 #新曲 #火星
2019 Songwriting Studio Gooda!