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91 Creativity #creation

91 Creativity #creation

○Creation is work which extracts a significant thing out of assumption which exists infinitely.
・In order to create efficiently, a network with various intellect objects and construction of communication are required.

○ Network Power - Anne-Marie Slaughter (1958-)
・In 20th century, the country that connect the most world is the strongest.
・It is the next game.
1) How to tie with most of other actors.
2) How to organize them and produce maximum effect.
・In the network power is spread, the society which is rich in flexibility and adaptability is the most advanced society.
・From the point of view of diversity, it is important that society is open.

○To enhance the creativity
(1) Simple-minded (p.042)
・Minimization of rules to protect (p.047)
・Put a hand from where it can be organized. (p.048)
・・・Always tidy. (p.111)
・・・Preparation and execution and cleanup (p.116)
・・・Successful experience, failure experience, honor greed and sense of inferiority let throw away as soon as possible. (P.204)
・・・Clarify the "do it" and the "can not do it". (p.049)
・・・Do not ask for excessive quality. (p.084)
・・・Know the strengths and weaknesses. (p.051)
(2) Defines the clear concept, and design along the definition. (p.055)
・Product development without emphasis on design and concept is easy to structurally cost bulge. (P.076)
(3) Appropriate constraints (p.124)
・・・Too much leeway, creativity fades. (p.128)
 ・・・Since held liable person becomes seriously. (p.121)
(4) Other
・A new idea is born when old idea is abandoned. (p.125)
・Put out a lot of ideas. (p.128)
・Connect the multiple idea. (p.126)
・Ask for the explain until easy to understand.
 ・Change the rhythm. (p.128)

[History of the network]
1965 Theodor Holm Nelson (1937-, US sociologists) made the word "Hypertext" and "Hypermedia".

※ Hypertext is a mechanism for associating a plurality of documents (text) to each other. I was named "hyper-text" in the sense that "more than the text." We say a hyperlink that ties between texts.
※ The most famous of hypertext implementation is World Wide Web.

1989 Timothy John Berners-Lee(1955 - ) developed World Wide Web.
1998 Google established
※Mission Statement:To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.
2001 Wikipediaga was established.
2003 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) launched Opencourseware (OCW) that published all of the lecture materials on the web.
2005 YouTube (→ Google) official service started.
※ Tube means "cathode ray tube" (or "TV").
2006 TwitterFacebook
2007 iPhone
2010 iPad

91 創造力 #創造

91 創造力 #創造



【参 照】「僕がアップルで学んだこと」松井博(2012年4月刊)
(3)適切な制約 (p.124)
・トコトン説明させる。(p.127)・・・☆ 分かり易く説明する。

1965年 テッド・ネルソン米国社会学者)が「ハイパーテキスト(Hypertext)」と「ハイパーメディア」という語を作る。

ハイパーテキスト:複数の文書(テキスト)を相互に関連付け、結び付ける仕組みである。「テキストを超える」という意味から"hyper-"(〜を超えた) "text"(文書)と名付けられた。テキスト間を結びつける参照のことをハイパーリンクと言う。
※最も有名なハイパーテキストの実装はWorld Wide Webである。

1989年 CERNに所属していたティム・バーナーズ=リーは、世界中に分散する別々の大学や研究所で働いている研究者たちが自動的に情報を共有する、という要求に対してWorld Wide Webを開発した。
1998年 Google設立
2001年 Wikipedia発足
2003年9月 マサチューセッツ工科大学MIT)が講義教材のすべてをウェブ上で公開するオープンコースウエア(OCW)を立ち上げた。
2005年 YouTube (→Google)公式サービス開始
2006年 TwitterFacebook
2007年 iPhone
2010年 iPad

90 My Cosmology/New Cosmology #cosmology

90 My Cosmology/New Cosmology #cosmology

○ Structure of the universe
・If the universe (the Real universe) including the Milky Way galaxy was born from a quantum fluctuation, the universe (the Imaginary universe) including quantum fluctuations is assumed on the outside.
・In the Imaginary universe it can be estimated to exist other universe(Parallel universe) born from quantum fluctuations.

○ From the birth of the Real universe to Big Bang
• If the quantum fluctuation does not exceed the threshold, the resulting pair of substance and antimatter within the fluctuation disappears. = The Real universe is not born.
• When the quantum fluctuation exceeds a threshold value, the symmetry of matter and anti-matter brakes, and antimatter is to rapidly expand the space-time after 1e-36 seconds. ( The size of the Real universe (1e-27m) is much smaller than atom (1e-10m) ⇒3 millimeters (1e-3m): The Inflation: inflation rate is 60-fold of light speed.)
(In the reverse case, the Real universe is not born because space-time collapses.)

  • Immediately after that, (1e-34 seconds after → 1e-32 seconds after) substance of high temperature causes the Big Bang.

(The size of the Real universe : 3 mm (1e-3m) ⇒10cm (1e-1m))

○ The Current
・The expansion due to antimatter reduces entropy, and matter is inflated while increasing entropy. (The expansion rate of the Real universe is four times of lightspeed.)
・In the Real universe intelligence is born and growing.

○ The structure of the Real universe
・Since the outside of the Real universe is made up of antimatter, and it is also the same as the outside of parallel universe, they repel each other.

○ Dark model
・Dark matter and dark energy is the gravitational wave from antimatter on the outside of the Real universe.
・Dark matter will have the Dark model contrasting of the standard model of substances.

○ Future of the Real universe
<Case 1>If dark energy is a repulsive force between the anti-matter that is outside of the real universe.

  • The Real universe will evaporate at the end of continuing expansion. = Disappearance of the result of a large fluctuation that occurred in the Imaginary universe

• Before evaporation, the outer shell of antimatter in the Real universe will become brittle, and if it conflicts with other parallel universe, both universe will collapse.
・That is, if the matter that was scattered by the collision of the other two parallel universes collides with the outer shell of the Real universe, we might be able to measure it in quantum.

<Case 2>☆If dark energy has a structure.
・Rate of cosmic expansion is changed by the change of the three-dimensional structure of dark energy.
・The universe is supported by the structure of dark energy.
☆Expansion of the universe is to stop in abruptly like an automatic umbrella.


○ Communication between parallel universes
• Communication by gravity waves is considered.

90 My宇宙論/新宇宙論 #宇宙論

90 My宇宙論/新宇宙論 #宇宙論









89 Emergent Gravity(Entropic Gravity) and the Dark Universe(Dark Matter and Dark Energy)  #gravity #darkmatter #darkenergy

89 Emergent Gravity(Entropic Gravity) and the Dark Universe(Dark Matter and Dark Energy)  #gravity #darkmatter #darkenergy

○Erik P. Verlinde published 51 papers on-line November 7, 2016. In this paper, entropic gravity is said to be able to explain " Galaxy rotation curve problem". [1]
※A significant discrepancy exists between the experimental galaxy rotation curves observed, and a curve derived from theory. The theory of dark matter was postulated to account for the variance. [2]

○And in this paper he provides evidence for the fact that the observed dark energy and the phenomena currently attributed to dark matter have a common origin and are connected to the emergent nature of spacetime and gravity. [1]

○Discussion result
1)The positive dark energy and accelerated expansion are caused by the slow thermalization of the emergent spacetime. [1]
2) The observed phenomena that are currently attributed to dark matter are the conesquence of the emergent nature of gravity and are caused by an elastic response due to the volume law contribution to the entanglement entropy in our universe. [1]
3) Dark matter is not a collection of invisible particles but a result of the interaction of ordinary matter and dark energy. [1]

○When explaining the gravitational distribution around galaxies by dark matter, it is necessary to determine the mass of the dark matter so as to match the data obtained by the actual observation. In other words, the mass of dark matter is used as a free variable to match theory and reality. On the other hand, Verlinde's theory does not use these free variables, and there is the advantage that the predicted value derived directly from the theory agrees with the actual observation result. [3]

・ It is still an open question if and how the standard cosmological picture is incorporated in a theory of emergent gravity. [1]
・Mark Van Raamsdonk calls Verlinde’s idea “definitely an important direction.” But he says it’s too soon to tell whether everything in the paper — which draws from quantum information theory, thermodynamics, condensed matter physics, holography and astrophysics — hangs together. [4]
・One problem, said Brian Swingle, who also works in holography, is that Verlinde lacks a concrete model universe like the ones researchers can construct in AdS space, giving him more wiggle room for making unproven speculations. [4]
・This theory combines a lot of hypotheses that are not well established and only identifies the amount compared with the observation, not precise formulation is done. [5]
• The order is the same as Beckenstein - Hawking entropy, but it is offset by a factor of 1/4. [5]
・This theory introduces the degree of freedom of measurement which describes time and space bending from the beginning. In order to claim that the Einstein equation was properly derived under elastic coordinate representation from the general coordinate transformation, it is necessary to write down the degree of freedom of the measurement from the original degree of freedom of the elastic body and also derive general coordinate transformation invariance . Furthermore, since no correction term to the equation is given, it can not be compared whether gravity wave data observed with LIGO matches entropic gravity theory or not. . [5]
• The theoretical check at the paper [6] written by the observation group of the Netherlands was made only within the range of error of 1σ at most. [5]

○In order to verify this theory and to obtain a definite answer, firstly progress of observation and theory is desired.

1. Erik P. Verlinde “Emergent Gravity and the Dark Universe” 20161107
2. Galaxy rotation curve – Wikipedia
3.“Verlinde's new theory of gravity passes first test” 20161216
4. Natalie Wolchover” The Case Against Dark Matter”at Quanta magazine 20161129
5. Masahiro Hotta”エントロピック重力理論” at Quantum Universe 20161225
6. ”First test of Verlinde’s theory of Emergent Gravity using Weak Gravitational Lensing measurements” 20161219

【Change log】
20171112  New description
20171209 Description of the strength of entropic gravity and tasks.

89 エントロピック重力(創発重力)と暗黒宇宙(暗黒エネルギー・暗黒物質) #重力#暗黒物質 #暗黒エネルギー

89 エントロピック重力(創発重力)と暗黒宇宙(暗黒エネルギー暗黒物質) #重力#暗黒物質 #暗黒エネルギー



3)暗黒物質とは目に見えない粒子の集まりではなく、普通の物質と暗黒エネルギー相互作用の結果。 [1]

銀河の周囲での重力分布を暗黒物質により説明する場合は、実際の観測で得られたデータと合致するように暗黒物質の質量を決める必要がある。つまり、理論と現実を一致させるための自由変数として、暗黒物質の質量が使われている。一方、ヴァーリンデ理論はこうした自由変数を利用しておらず、理論から直接導出した予測値が実際の観測結果と一致するという強みがある。[3] [4] [5]

根拠の確立していない多数の仮説を沢山組み合わせて、観測と比べられる量を同定しているだけで、精密な定式化がなされているわけではない。−Masahiro Hotta 20161225 [7]
・ベッケンシュタイン-ホーキングエントロピーと同じオーダーだが、1/4の因子だけずれている。−Masahiro Hotta 20161225 [7]
・時空の曲がりを記述する計量の自由度を最初から導入してしまっている。弾性体的描像から一般座標変換のもとで対称なアインシュタイン方程式をきちんと導いたと主張するためには、その計量の自由度を元の弾性体の自由度から書き下し、一般座標変換不変性も導く必要がある。さらに方程式への補正項も与えられていないため、LIGOで観測された重力波のデータとエントロピック重力理論が整合するかどうも比べようがない。−Masahiro Hotta 20161225 [7]
オランダの観測グループが書いた論文https://arxiv.org/abs/1612.03034)[5]での理論のチェックも、たかだか1σの誤差の大きい範囲でなされたに過ぎない。−Masahiro Hotta 20161225 [7]

○この理論を検証して確実な答えを得るには、観測と理論の進展が望まれる。 [7]

【参 考】
1. Erik P. Verlinde “Emergent Gravity and the Dark Universe(創発重力と暗黒宇宙(暗黒物質・暗黒エネルギー)” 20161107
2. 銀河の回転曲線問題 – Wikipedia
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7. Masahiro Hotta”エントロピック重力理論” at Quantum Universe 20161225

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20171209 エントロピック重力の強みと課題の追加

【New Song】RADIO DOG (A DOG ON THE MARS) #NewSong #Mars 2019 Songwriting Studio Gooda!

【New Song】RADIO DOG (A DOG ON THE MARS) #NewSong #Mars
2019 Songwriting Studio Gooda!

A pet dog living on Mars in 2030.
Owners are dead.
Every day, he do a healing dance in front of the grave.
He has not eaten for a long time.
But a robot dog that does not die.
He is waiting for human beings.

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【新曲】火星の犬【New original song】 #新曲 #火星
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