boiled pork slices

Spring had not lit boiled pork slices

Boiled pork slices with its spicy taste,germ killer delicious taste, much of the vast number of food products welcome. Especially the attractive red partly hidden and partly visible in meat and vegetables, is really picked up the chopsticks can not stop ~ eat not to light had addiction mouth thing, the most important thing is to health and nutrition. Because the spring warming, when cold when hot, people's diet and dress, still can not fully adapt to change, easy to cause fire, if have some something easy to get angry, it is add fuel to the flames.

The diet also should comply with the change of seasons, can have a healthy body. For spring to eat healthy edition shuizhuroupian, without chili can also take this dish do red light tempting, but had not angry, young and old-safe. The soup into the thick tomato flavor, bright color, sweet and sour taste; adding bean sprouts, Flammulina, rape and fungus, in big meat at the same time, but also can enjoy a variety of fresh vegetables. Transform a cooking way, let the family can meet the tasting, but also can eat nutrition, health, what is there against it 結他課程?

Health boiled pork slices

Ingredients: pork fillet 300 grams, 2 tomatoes, egg white 1 貓舍, fungus, mushroom, bean sprouts, rapeseed and the right amount流行鼓課程

Ingredients: 1 bags of 深圳婚紗攝影 tomato sauce, onion ginger garlic amount, amount of starch

Seasoning: salt 10 grams, 5 grams of sugar

Efficacy analysis of 巡邏系統

Pork taste sweet and salty, flat, into the spleen, stomach, kidney; with kidney nourishing, Ziyin Runzao effect, for fever disability allowance, diabetes, kidney weak emaciated, postpartum blood deficiency has a good nourishing effect, also can benefit the two and only diabetes, diabetes belongs to diabetes, may be appropriate to eat some lean pork 鋼琴課程.

Tomato slightly cold, sweet acid, into the spleen, stomach, kidney, contains rich vitamin C and lycopene, has the very good antioxidant, improve the resistance of human body function. Fungus Qi and blood, Runfei cough 深圳攝影公司, containing plant gum has strong adsorption capacity, can be very good intestinal clearance of residues. Mushroom filling liver, benefit stomach. Yellow bean sprouts with heat-clearing and detoxicating, reducing blood pressure, beauty skin effect. Rape of activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, detumescence by detoxification, catharsis, physical fitness 打咭鐘.



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