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Hello Seller am William Joe From USA and i will like to buy your item to my New Store in Nigeria and i will be paying you $2000 USD for the item and shipment by EMS SPEED POST so get back to me and let me know how many units if the item you have for sell and email me direct to williamjoe11614@gmail.com or add me to my MSN williamjoe11614@hotmail.com

I'm Yohei Kitazato Presently in Canada.i saw your item paste on YAHOO AUCTION Am interested in buying your item for my Friend, i will offering you $2,000.00USDollar for each of the item plus shipment to my Friend in Nigeria via EMS SPEED POST .Let me know how many pieces you have for sale.i will be remitting your payment via Bank to Bank transfer into your account.Get back to me via your personal e-mail and please reply back in English.Reply back to (yoheikitazato1020@gmail.com)Hoping to read from you fast,Regards