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2018-01-01 New year’s day このエントリーを含むブックマーク

The year 2017 ended followed by 2018. Writing this way may sound like this year is simply a seamless continuation of the last year. Not quite another year. Well, actually it is not. I was reading a novel, a Sci-Fi titled Solaris the New Year's eve and finished this morning. It was a good book the way it suggests what an absolute alien intelligence is like.

Anthropomorphism is the word for us always interpreting everything we first met from human's aspect. However, another intelligence, if any, should not necessarily be the one we can be familiar with.

Solaris is a planet in a double star system. A bloody red sun rises and sets, then a dazzling blue sun rises. No life had been considered to survive in the planet in such a system since the orbit is unstable and unpredictable (well-known as the three body problem), resulting in the drastic change of climate and weather that would never allow any form of life to be born. After the discovery that the planet Solaris follows a regular orbit, intensive exploration began. The ocean was found to be controlling the orbit in an unknown manner. It looked like the ocean of the Earth; in the way it consists of liquid, occupying most of the planet. However, as we read the book through we get to know it is not something we can understand in our terms of common knowledge. You can call it a form of life or just a material having unique natures. Strangest of all was its capability of mimicking anything. Yes anything including our thought. It seems to reproduce what we have in the deepest of our mind. Weird, right?

The protagonist is sent to the station in Solaris to investigate what is wrong with the staff out there. Something extraordinary must be happening in it.


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