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[] My Great Predecessors by Kasparov

「若島正の読書日記」で、My Great Predecessorsという本について知る。

KasparovのMy Great Predecessors IV到着。(略)



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[] 12/27 必読記事・論考(IT)

Foutune 1/10/05 Why There's No Escaping the Blog

Freewheeling bloggers can boost your product—or destroy it. Either way, they’ve become a force business can’t afford to ignore.

Economist 12/2/04 Grid computing: It might be the next big thing in computing. But for now, grid computing's biggest problem is that nobody can agree what it is

[] Googleの人材集め

CNET 12/27/04 Will Google stay as hot as its lava lamps?

  • Open Source Communityとの信頼関係

In addition, the company is being smart about one of its potential rivals, the open-source community, according to Jupiter Research analyst Gary Stein. Whereas Microsoft heaped scorn on the growing open-source movement, Google has shown respect for it, Stein noted. By doing so, the company has kept its techie street cred. "They're still seen as part of the community of hackers--in the best sense of the word," Stein said.

  • IT産業全体からの人材引き抜き

This year, Google opened an office in Kirkland, Wash., down the road from Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond. Microsoft software developer Adam Barr speculated in his Web log that the sole reason for opening the new office is to poach Microsoft workers. (略)

Jim Allchin, Microsoft's Windows chief, conceded that Google has stolen some of the software giant's talent, according to a story in The Seattle Times earlier this month. Microsoft has lost a "handful" of employees to Google, the paper reported Allchin as saying. "We lost some people, who went to Google, who we didn't want to lose."

Whatever warts it might have, Google has succeeded in luring some high-profile tech pros. They include Adam Bosworth, a former employee of BEA and Microsoft who helped create Internet Explorer, and Joe Beda, a Microsoft veteran who's worked on the software giant's next-generation graphics engine, Avalon.

The company also brought on Joshua Bloch, a Sun Microsystems developer who has designed major enhancements to the Java programming language and application programming interfaces, or APIs, well after recruiting former Novell CEO Eric Schmidt.

  • 若さへの傾注: "the pace is intense"

The company's Web site promises a "family-friendly work environment" but admits that "the pace is intense."

In a lawsuit earlier this year, Google was accused of routinely discriminating against employees over the age of 40 in its recruiting, hiring and employment practices. Google said the case was without merit.

  • 「挑戦の創造」こそが人材を引き止めることができる

Google's very success, though, is creating challenges. As the company expands, it risks losing the dynamic feel of an intimate team--a dilemma for any growing firm. Google isn't anywhere near the scale of Microsoft, which employs more than 57,000. But the company is proliferating--it has added more than 750 workers since the end of March.

  • 採用方式

In addition, Google has remained vigilant about seeking out top technical talent. The company's recruiting methods have included coding contests, mysterious billboards and an aptitude test with this question: Write a haiku describing possible methods for predicting search traffic seasonality.