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[] 2/5 必読記事・論考(IT)

Umair Haque 2/4/05 Long Tail Economics

The Economist 2/3/05 The economics of sharing, Technology increases the ability of people to share, but will they share more than just technology?

Yale Law Journal 11/04 Sharing Nicely by Yochai Benkler (PDF)

Burnham's Beat 2/4/05 The Death of Compiled Applications

Read/Write Web 2/5/05 Flickr CEO talks about Google threat

Lately there's been a lot of speculation about whether the smaller Web 2.0 companies (e.g. Flickr, Bloglines, Feedburner, SixApart) will be able to foot it with the BigCo's (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon). Many people think the smaller companies will be acquired by the big co's - and this is actually a viable strategy for a smaller company - or be squashed by them. So it's refreshing to see one of the smaller company honchos come out and say: hey, we're not afraid of competing with Google.

Ross Mayfield 2/4/05 Sun Opens the Computing Commodity Market

Werblog 2/2/05 Who will buy Tivo for scrap?

business2blog 2/05 Internet Growth Shifts

Om Malik 2/4/05 Google making more, but dishing out less

Google’s earnings are on everyone’s lips - and with a reason. Read Google By The Numbers over at Business 2.0 website, and you will be impressed. What caught my eye was the amount of money Google generated from what it calls the “Google Network Sites,” and how it is basically helping foster a financial ecoystem. Google calls it “traffic acquisition costs.”

Business 2.0 2/4/05 Google by the Numbers,17863,1024817,00.html

Dan Gillmor 2/4/05 Where Newspapers Can Start the Conversation

Y! news 2/4/05 Search Startup Targets Digital Downloads

Stanford magazine 12/04 How Stanford's computer science department changed the way we get information. BY richard brandt

[] 内藤国雄九段

日経観戦記 by 小暮克洋 (内藤・井上戦第2譜)



[] Innovate America

On December 15th, 2004, the Council hosts a National Innovation Summit in Washington, DC to release the NII's final report, Innovate America: Thriving in a World of Challenge and Change. Download National Innovation Initiative Final Report: Innovate America

RIETI 1/25/05 イノベーション指向の産業政策を! by 玉田俊平太

[] デニス・ルヘイン


ミスティック・リバー 特別版 〈2枚組〉 [DVD]

ミスティック・リバー 特別版 〈2枚組〉 [DVD]



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