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[] ロジャー・マクナミーの講演「The New Normal - Career, Family & Personal Finance」を読む


彼の近著「The New Normal」を読んだときのメモがこれ。


Long Tailブログもそうだが、最近自分が考えたコンセプトをブログタイトルにする人が増えている。4月27日シリコンバレーでロジャーが行った講演「The New Normal - Career, Family & Personal Finance」

の内容がそのブログ上に全文アップされている。この講演はタイトルが示す通り、彼がイメージするこれからの「The New Normal」な世界で、我々はキャリアを、家族を、パーソナル・ファイナンスをどう考えていけばいいのかについてのヒントを与えようとしているもの。この講演は「Software 2005 conference」で行われたから主対象はシリコンバレーエンジニアたちである。


彼の言う「The New Normal」とは、Normalでなかった90年代後半のバブルの時代が終わり、2001年からNormalな時代に戻ったのだけれど、70年代80年代のNormalな時代とは全く質を異にしたNormalなので、「The New Normal」と呼ぼう、ということである。彼は冒頭で「The New Normal」の四つの特徴をこうまとめる。

  • First, technology is changing just about everything.
  • Second, globalization is changing the nature of economic opportunity.
  • Third, every individual is on his or her own. We have more power than ever before, but no safety nets.
  • And fourth, none of us has enough time to deal with life.




  • First, and most obvious, is the rise of Asia.
  • The second trend is industry consolidation.
  • The third trend is the unending demand for new and better forms of communication.
  • The fourth trend is collaboration.
  • The fifth trend is the rise of mass customization.
  • The sixth trend is the rise of the consumer.
  • The seventh trend is time management.

このあたりの解説までで、講演の半分くらいが費やされている。こうした大変化の只中の「The New Normal」な世界は、我々に(国にとっても企業にとっても個人にとっても)多大なストレスを強いる時代だと彼は総括する。

Technology and globalization are facts of life that ensure that no one will be able to stand still. Not countries. Not companies. Not individuals. Countries can no longer call the shots on their own economies. Companies cannot escape the threat from new competitors that lurk around every corner. And individuals have figure out how to deal with all of this without getting run over. As a result, the New Normal is an environment of great stress.



The great challenge for every individual is to balance family, career and personal finance with no safety nets.

セイフティネットがない中で、家族キャリアとパーソナル・ファイナンスのバランスをどう取るのか、ということだと彼は指摘する。余談になるが、Fortune誌最新号の特集は、「50 and Fired: Getting fired during your peak earning years has always been scary. You’d scramble for a few months, but you’d find something. Today it’s different. Get fired and you can scramble for years - and still find nothing. Welcome to the cold new world of the prematurely, involuntarily retired.」,15114,1056189,00.html


The problem is lack of time. There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get done all things we have to get done. Worse yet, there doesn’t seem to be enough time to change our personal business processes to get ahead of the curve.



Success in the New Normal is ALL about time management. Time is the currency of this age.

「The New Normal」時代の成功はすべてタイムマネジメントにかかっている。この時代の通貨は時間なのである。こういう結論を言うために、こういうロジックを使うかどうかは別として、僕もロジャーのこの結論に100%賛成である。

But if you want to leverage the power of the Individual, you have to manage your time effectively. Most of us are faced with a huge pile of things to do and decisions to make. More often than not, we start at the top of the pile and try to work our way through. Wrong answer. The pile never gets smaller. Here’s the key insight: Most of the stuff in our inbox is just not that important. The challenge is to figure out which two or three things really matter . . . and focus your energy on them.




At the highest level, the most important stuff is family, career and personal finance. The challenge is to maintain a balance among the three.




Being strategic about time takes time, but the trade-off is incredibly favorable. The rewards include more time, more money, and more happiness.

How do you do this? Focus on the three Ps: Prioritize, Plan, Participate.


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