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[] Whole Foods

Forbes 2/14/05 Food Porn, Whole Foods founder John Mackey built a retail powerhouse peddling food as sensual, succulent succor. His stores preach organic virtue and profit from culinary vice.


[] 新製品開発に顧客を巻き込む

Forbes 2/14/05 Have It Your Way, Whether they are selling cars, toys or fast food, companies are tapping consumers as never before to help them create new products


[] 大学の基金運用者の報酬について

ハーバード留学記 2/1/05 Managing Money Managers

ハーバード留学記 10/29/04 Harvard's $12 billion man 10/17/05 Harvard's $12 billion man, Despite outpacing his peers, the strong-willed endowment chief is under attack for paying millions to his money managers


[] 理想のボードミーティング

Feld Thoughts 1/25/05 Ideal Board Meetings

We had a typical three hour board meeting that started on time. The meeting then occurred as follows:

  • 5 minutes: Administrative items (approve the minutes, approve new options).
  • 55 minutes: Department updates. We used the board package as the guide, but each exec spent a few minutes summarizing key points (rather than reading from the package) and then we drilled into Q&A and discussion on each area. It was a spirited discussion that was forward looking (e.g. “what are we doing in the next 30 days about issue X”) rather than backward looking (e.g. “good job on doing Y last month.”)
  • 90 minutes: 2005 Strategic Priorities. We worked from a six page powerpoint presentation (that had crappy production value, but was high content value) and spent 80% of our time on one slide. The entire leadership team participated in the discussion – it wasn’t a “presentation of a conclusion” but a “discussion about what to do given limited resources and divergent opportunities.”
  • 30 minutes: Executive Session (Board Only). We talked about a handful of personnel related issues, summarized the discussion, and set the tone for Q105.


[] 1/26 必読記事・論考(MGMT) 1/26/05 ''Home-Sourcing'' vs. Offshoring, It's not all about price; allowing people to work at home ''leads to a virtuous cycle of productivity.''