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[] What if? An alternative history of tech

CNET 1/26/05

  • What if Moore's Law had ended as expected?
  • What if Apple Computer had licensed the Mac OS?
  • What if IBM had not allowed Microsoft to license?
  • What if Larry Ellison drove an RV?
  • What if Digital had succeeded?
  • What if the mouse had not been invented?


[] Douglas Engelbart's famous 1968 demo of the NLS

Scott Rosenberg 1/19/05 1968: the year of the blog, Having heard Alan Kay's inspiring talk at the 2003 Emerging Technology conference, I already knew how much of modern computing Douglas Engelbart's famous 1968 demo of the NLS ("oNLine System") contained within it -- and how far we still have to go to match the stuff Engelbart showed off then, not only in its individual elements (graphical interface, hypertext, advanced input devices, distance collaboration, and so on) but in their total integration.