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After two months, cross one's legs of black clothes man and sit, it is an organic whole with natural be in harmony, consolidating the supernatural power of oneself, the man grows easy at a heat, expiration a foul smell, although the seminal crust in the heart did ugg classic not fall off, but begin by begin reseda to become a bit deeper man of   of · · · opens double eye suddenly, originally green jade-like stone jade-like stone double eye is replaced by deep pupil, the force of oneself rose a few minutes again immediately, and two many short him month actually by a what won't the brother that useless bavin turned move of a gas into later period, divine knowledge turns into by 5 lis 10 lis, and since purified 3 last impish hind, shortened apparently time, shen Feng also understood, depurative force can go to the power move of others on his body, this can'ts help letting Shen Feng secretly chuckle to oneself. Liu fatso did not come over to make trouble recently, the Xiu Lian that also is wind giving Shenyang provided one party clean ground, midway Shenyang wind has tried to use heal art treatment to father, but still feel very demanding however, look cure the disease of this kind of type must ugg boots sale be to want again a bit higher rank. Shenyang wind mind enters the area that seal billows, see free from worries of the hollowness on 7 colour land, blue cloud languid is lazy rippling in sky, the thing that discovers form of one place stone suddenly spat a few, shen Feng went by questioningly, see, astonied, it is next ten clever stone, ask that lackadaisical La Yun questioningly: "La Yun, how do these clever stone come? "     " it is you fall some time ago a when be here, grew so much ~~~ now " La Yun continues lackadaisical. Fall be here? Look land of this 7 colour is OK and ecbolic, a clever stone becomes ten, so · · · thinks consider is worn, shen Feng draws out a few clever Shi Fang to be on 7 colour land from the bosom, complacent departure ~~ is planted by this kind of appearance go down, have how many spirit rock ah after   of · · uggs outlet · is retreated from inside Feng Lan condition, shen Feng develops divine sign, everything all round surveillant move, imperceptible in detect however the way that the individual's hangdog one face pays Liu fatso the home sneaks away, cankered appearance, shen Feng disdained this Liu fat person, really lubricious bravery includes a day, issueing you last, this you escaped to be not dropped. The sense organ uggs clearance feels Liu fat person again however from store drew out in content bag turn a thing greatly, it is the thing that makes a person jealous, he and suzerain are kindred, the benefit that gets naturally is absent a few, shen Feng issued determination secretly, so much thing puts in me 's charge! Form of Shenyang wind body shines, copy alley, main put to good use hides art, come behind Liu fatso, look at Liu fatso waist cankeredly between store content bag. Liu fatso feels suddenly all over disturbed, look after face about face, without anybody, want to go forth again, shen Feng was mocked one time, follow at the back of him, when taking ugg boots clearance the advantage of him to pay the home back door, a conveniently picked Liu fat person store content bag. Say Liu fatso just wanted to open the door however, feel to be tightened between the waist however, lower his head to look, see oneself store content bag disappeared, in the heart immediately big be astonished: "What person? " hold back of   Shenyang wind is worn laugh, have the hair area of Liu fatso gently, immediately the hair scatters on the shoulder of Liu fatso, the expression of Liu fatso becomes very scared: "Elder elder, spare sb's life ah · · · "   Shen Feng is hiding him, do not say any words as before, one carries the foot kicks Liu fat person, next foot of a fist turned Liu fat person into pig head, go up to give off a coercion intentionally still personally, frighten so that Liu fatso breathes heavily to rise nevertheless, double eye slack, big growl one, ignore figure sweatingly escape also like ran, everybody of along the road despises look at him: "This who ah? It is a bedlamite really! "     " the pig of whose home becomes spirit ah · · · how of dash around madly? "   Shen Feng hides in corners of the mouth ripples a smile, teach a lesson this, look this are a bit more smooth and steady! Suddenly, the door opened, fu Xue went from inside, graceful, look questioningly, immediately went in again! Shen Feng mouth sighed, fu San of two this many months is to him from by side UGG Rockville II Dune 3040 Boots is knocked, of cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions want to marry Fu Xue to him, but Shenyang wind direction will think cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine the first, the thing not very to the daughter is interested, him besides also is only the little sister that Fu Xue should do him, do not have any assuming want, saying so is to be able to disappear! Laic life is finite, and the life of the person that repair celestial being is to compare however laic many a lot of, the Shen Feng of   of · · · that is the happiness in won't defending a heart so also is to hiding, stealthily holding in both hands store content bag went. Shenyang wind

UGG Hartsville Mens Boots
bout is excellent, of too impatient to wait open that store content bag, look, good thing is quite much still, although be in,3 virtuous villages are not the person that repair celestial being, but long-term be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears still has certain knowledge to these article, seal of a few pieces of elementary accord with, it is seal of igneous clever accord with, the seal that be applied person meeting by burn, still have ten clever rock, additionally still 3 are sending the needle of cold light, look to feel cold and clinking, if do not have a bad shot, should be the needle that seal ice, this needle can make person chill clinking, long for low be become by aspic directly ice-lolly, still have UGG Hartsville Seal Casual Black 5626 Boots the Hei Wujian of an of primitive simplicity, this sword cuts iron to be like mud, it is a coarse enginery, look of family property accumulated over a long time of this Liu fatso is good to enraging the friar of feeling period much, it is he does not add Xiu Lian more at ordinary times only, these things use idea of Shen Feng of · ·   without what to him easily, throw these things into the condition that seal billows entirely, you Layun is done, seal billows churchyard, sleeping dizzily all over the face the head of the La Yun of smile was broken by a thing suddenly, open an eye, immediately fly into a rage, look at those things on the ground, the left and right sides looks UGG Hartsville Seal Casual Chocolate 5626 Boots carefully at: "Who? Who takes a thing to break father? Come out to me, do not think father is afraid of you, come out to me · · · "   Shen Feng is ferial to this do-nothing La Yun is not had language, mind is passed in La Yun's ear, taking a majesty: "Who can you still have? Give my do well those things to me! "   La Yun listens is Shen Feng closed the mouth immediately, hidden bitterness ground carries those things to be put in hole of one place stone, it is to read aloud be favored with of talk about again and again however in the heart, my good dream, a moment ago the dream is coming to white cloud little sister · · · is master, you disturbed my fond dream,   of · of · of · of toot is right this, shen Feng is not to know however, teach uggs for cheap as before however: "I say all day long of your this fellow knows to sleep, can do bit of thing, the · · · that such meetings become fatter more "   La Yun is a pair of pitiful about as before: "Oh, knew, master, but you a moment ago were however make an appointment I and white cloud little sister to disturb, ugg boots sale so I just am met · · · "   Shen Feng attacks Chi laughed readily, so this La Yun is Sai Chun ha: "Can then you come out? The Bai Yun outside is much ~~~ "   blue Yun Ji moves the ground twice to put light: "True? Master, the idea that wants you only easily, I can come out, and I still can carry you, hide in cloud layer, be not discovered by anybody · · · " laugh of ponder of   Shen Feng, the unreasonable of this fellow Sai Chun: "Good, you come out! You come out!!

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