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Jane Barlow and Witaly Osins, ballet teachers who worked in postwar Japan, and their students


I have releaed latest paper from Pan-Asian Journal of Sports & Physical Education, 2012.

“Jane Barlow and Witaly Osins, ballet teachers who worked in postwar Japan, and their students”

Keio Research Institute at SFC, Senior Visiting Researcher,

Yukihiko Yoshida


Jane Barlow and Witaly Osins were ballet teachers working in postwar Japan during the occupation of General Headquarters and the American cultural policy after 1945. Ballet de Bleu came about as a result of their students, and flourished as a star ballet company. The ballet company, Ballet 1957, also emerged from students of Osins. An analysis of their history after compiling historical data and material reveal the ballet and ballet culture of that time.

Keywords: Jane Barlow, Witaly Osins, Ballet, GHQ, American Culture Center


Maki Nakagawa the Finnish National Ballet - Interview



Maki Nakagawa (the Finnish National Ballet, principal) Interview

Maki Nakagawa is the principal of the Finnish National Ballet. She is important talent in northern Europe and her expression is grace and charming. She studied ballet in Mito Ballet Institute. Mito city is in Eastern Japan, hence is close to Fukushima. In this spring, Ms. Nakagawa organized the charity performance, National Ballet Gala for Japan.



Modernity in Japanese Dance - The Dawn of Western Dance


DanzaBallet has released magazine. I have worked for them as collaborator.



(C) DanzaBallet

The magazine is amazing and splendid. It contains many visual materials and interesting articles around the world.

Here is my article on Japanese dance history to celebrate 100th anniversary of Western Dance in Japan.

"Modernity in Japanese Dance - The Dawn of Western Dance"

by Yukihiko YOSHIDA

You can download my article from this demo version !

Please have read.

See page 92-94


DanzaBallet Magazine Collection No.1

Table of Contents:

Carta de la editora.

Por Carolina de Pedro Pascual.

Nuestros trajes de portada.

Danza Ballet & The National Gallery of Australia.

Los Ángeles de Apolo. Una historia del ballet.

Por Célida Villalón.

Ballets Russes: The Art of Costume.

The National Gallery of Australia.


by Wim Wenders.

Manuel Legris Director del Ballet Estatal de la Opera de Viena.

Por Isis Wirth.

El expresionismo y la prehistoria de la danza moderna.

Por Juan Carlos Tellechea.

Yves Saint Laurent. Haute Couture en escena.

Por Carolina de Pedro Pascual.

Invitation to the Ballet: Ninette de Valois and the story of The Royal Ballet.

The Royal Opera House and The Lowry, Salford.

El Festival Wagner de Bayreuth y el Gran Teatre del Liceu.

Gran Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona.

El Ballet de la Opera de Parìs durante la Revoluciòn francesa.

Por Isis Wirth.

Nuestro Béjart.

Por Aranxta Aguirre.

Première “I Capuleti e i Montecchi”.

Bavarian State Opera.

Los Ballets Suecos (Les Ballets Suédois).

Por Isabel Felguera Arias.

Modernity in Japanese Dance. The Dawn of Western dance.

by Yukihiko Yoshida.

Aleksander I. Pushkin.

Por Gemma Gil Tellols.

Set in Style: La Joyería de Van Cleef & Arpels.

The Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.

Colagge con Sonia Delaunay-Terk.

Por Carolina de Pedro Pascual.

Exposición: L’art du costume à la Comédie-Française.

Le Centre National du Costume de scène de Moulins.

Recopilación. Algunas frases celebres.

Costume for a Sylph in Fokine's ballet Les Sylphides.

Danza Ballet & Victoria and Albert Museum.



Lee Tsia-oe and Baku Ishii before 1945


I have published the following paper. This is one of my new publication.

Yukihiko Yoshida,"Lee Tsia-oe and Baku Ishii before 1945 - Comparing Origin of Modern Dance in Taiwan and Japan", Pan-Asian Journal of Sports & Physical Education, 2011(refereed)

"Lee Tsia-oe and Baku Ishii before 1945: Comparing the origin of modern dance in Taiwan and Japan"

Yukihiko Yoshida(Keio Research Institute at SFC, Senior Visiting Researcher)


Lee Tsia-oe is the originator of Taiwanese modern dance. She studied dance with Baku Ishii before 1945 in Japan. Her accomplishments in modern dance include winning the first prize at the Tokyo Press All Japan Dance Competition and dancing as a member of the Baku Ishii Dance Company on the stages at that time. Baku Ishii said, "Lee will become the dancer of Taiwan." This paper aims to study and analyze her life before 1945.

Key Words Lee Tsia-oe, Baku Ishii, modern dance, Japan, Taiwan


Dance Critics Society of Japan 42th Annual Award


Dance Critics Society of Japan held 42th Annual Awards Ceremony at Aoyama, central Tokyo on 16th April. ( I am a committee member.)


(C) Yukihiko YOSHIDA

DCS-J Annual Award 2010:

Yasuyuki Shuto, Ballet;

(For "Apocalypse" choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui ) 'To his active attitude to create new dance and great achievement in Dane World.'

Shotaro Hanayagi, Nihon Buyo;

(For "Sansho Dayuu" by the company, Atou-kai) 'To the great quality of dance creation, and actual results in the company'

DCS-J New Comer Award 2010:

Ayako Ono, Ballet;

(For "Cinderella" and "Firebird")`To dainty and marvelous dance expression as Japanese ballerina who leads the coming generation in New National Ballet and potential toward the future.'

Seifu Onoe, Nihon Buyo;

(For “Shogun Nobunaga in Rainy Season”:”Baiu Shogun Nobunaga”) `To Talent in choreography and direction with dynamic taste and psychological description in the work, “Shogun Nobunaga in Rainy Season”'


(For “Derumetore Sayuri” and "Snow, Road, Dream":"Yuki-Michi-Yume") ‘To the ability to find a new way of Butoh with surrealistic expression’

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