Creative Commonsライセンスの曲をP2Pネットワークで流通させている所。

jamendo is a new model for artists to promote, publish, and be paid for their music.

On jamendo, the artists distribute their music under Creative Commons licenses. In a nutshell, they allow you to download, remix and share their music freely. It's a "Some rights reserved" agreement, perfectly suited for the new century.

These new rules make jamendo able to use the new powerful means of digital distribution like Peer-to-Peer networks such as BitTorrent or eMule to legally distribute albums at near-zero cost.

jamendo users can discover and share albums, but also review them or start a discussion on the forums. Albums are democratically rated based on the visitors’ reviews. If they fancy an artist they can support him by making a donation.

jamendo is the only platform that joins together :

  • A legal framework protecting the artists (thanks to the Creative Commons licenses).
  • Free, simple and quick access to the music, for everyone.
  • The use of the lastest Peer-to-Peer technologies
  • The possibility of making direct donations to the artists.
  • An adaptive music recommendation system based on iRATE to help listeners discover new artists based on their tastes and on other criterias such as their location.