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synth1開発は思うように進んでないけど、来年の春までにはiPhone/iPad版をリリースしたい。その前にMac AU版を出さないとな。そしてその前にsubversionのセットアップしないとな!


KennethKenneth 2012/12/31 02:09 Hello Mr. Daichi!
Thank you for the wonderful synthesizer synth1. I use it together with Windows Cubase 6.5 and it works great. Now to the problem: With the new release of Cubase 7, Steinberg has decided to skip support for vst 2.0. Are You therefore planing to update the windows version of synth1 from vst 2.0 to VST 3.5?


daichidaichi 2013/01/12 09:31 どうやら、cubase7ではvst2.4以降しかサポートしないようですね。synth1はvst2.0なので、こりゃ動かんかもしれん。どなたか情報お持ちではないでしょうか?

daichidaichi 2013/01/14 19:50 ある方に情報いただきました。すでにcubase6.0からvst2.4以降にしか正式にはサポートしていないとの事。ですが、現状でsynth1は動作しているとの事でしたので、ひとまずこのまま様子見です。

KennethKenneth 2013/01/19 06:57 I Update my cubase 6.5 to 7 in the next months. I let You know then if synth1 works as it should under Cubase 7.

tanyaotanyao 2013/02/06 19:21 通りすがりで失礼します。

JoakimJoakim 2013/03/03 19:51 Hi! An iOS release for Synth1 is absolutely great news, have used it for many years now and it is still my favourite VST. My favourite iOS music app is Tabletop, by http://www.retronyms.com/, I think Synth1 would be a perfect match for it! I've got in touch with them about it and they're open to the possibility. Thank you very much!

KennethKenneth 2013/03/10 00:11 Update! I have tested the synth1 on Cubase 7 and it works great. Thanks!

Sergey MoraruSergey Moraru 2013/07/09 23:36 Mr. Ichiro-san! I'm delighted with the news about Synth1 for iOS!!! HOW IS THE PROGRESS GOING? Do you have a specific time frame for the beta version? Will be extremely happy to have some info from you! Thank you!

YusukeYusuke 2013/09/19 03:43 AU版楽しみにしてます!

takakura masarutakakura masaru 2013/12/03 21:46 >>>tanyao
関係ありそうなOpt→window sliderで解消されました。

AlperAlper 2014/07/16 19:43 Hello Daichi!
Please update GUI a little bit.I always use Synth1, a very powerful synth.But Synth1 need a little make up :)