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2018-08-19-Sun nanjing east and west road with eu visitors

nanjing east and west road with eu visitors today. wanna check out the good bakery and daimaru basement floor. also have bakery and wkend, sandwiches are discounted.

really doing great. we attending at night and wkend, but in wkdays daytime, european folks going exploring places themselves. with us and by themselves, done french concession(including xintiandi and tianzifang), pudong, the bund, our neighborhood, japanese area, then today nanjing east and west. not bad! :)

we had lots of nice beer at the craft beer festival last night, so bit tired but will recover afterr nice brunch and two more laundry. ( basically we decided to wash everything in closet and put back to the new cleaned closet with japanese closet sheet we bought inside to make it more anti-bug feeling. hehe.)

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2018-08-18-Sat craft beer festival at harbour

went to craft beer festival at harbour at night.

so in the morning went to buy japanese grocery at the japanese supermarket. received somethings that i made reservation before such as japanese closet sheet and kitchen cabinet sheet, both anti-bug and anti-bacterial and anti-molding. we tried three different japanese supermarket by now, but i think they all have different characteristics but i kind of like this cozy smaller one than apita. price is so friendly too.

daytime, did laundry twice, then we put japanese closet sheet and by evening when the laundry dried, we put them back to closet. soooooo nice feeling.

at night, we went to this craft beer festival at the harbour. many familiar beer brand stall and restaurant stall. bought some food and ate with nice beer. sooooooo many foreigners. my folks said even where we live in island beach party every wk in summer, we have this number of foreigners, but some how, in shanghai didn't see yet so. hehe. grab a cozy zabuton seat with low table and talked with people next to us. they gave us some free coupons to the bottles of alcohol with honey. so nice tasting! thanx guys! :) some photographers took our picture. hehe.

folks from europe exploring town again while we folks have to work from home or do other errands, grocery shopping, i am proud of them, even with their tour guide books such as lonely planet and etc, you gotta first surprise in china, noone can speak chinese, even a single easy word to tell you the street or nothing, so really proud of them doing well. hehe. :)

tomorrow, we go to nanjing east and west road. also small food street. i gotta do shopping for going back to japan as well. been to the "first department store" before like three times, once even with my parents and aunt, but this time, i am soooooo looking for some good snacks that is popular there that i didn't know back then. cheers.

hope everyone is having a great wkend! :)

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2018-08-17-Fri last nite laphroaig, tnite french concession again

last nite laphroaig that folk brought from europe, tnite french concession again... boy, but do you guys know what everyone says the unique laphroaig scotch tastes like? peat, must have had cows in there, hospital, medicine, ashes after fire, and so on!!! and they still love drinking it. good gooooood. i am also actually getting used to this taste. anyways, folks from europe brought us so many things, but i am so happy about the organic good smell body soap, herb tooth paste, salad dressings, and etc... :) it was the guys that asked for a bottle of laphroaig...

anyways, busy days. also some new files from the island. f and a sent me. let me squeeze them into my schedule. hehe. i just finished the last files last wk but stuffs again. :)

happy guests are doing fine themselves.

so i guess we rest a bit and then will go have a wkend night life. but first let us listen to aretha franklin to tribute her. she is a legend. may her RIP.

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2018-08-16-Thu watching handmaid’s tale these days

watching handmaid's tale these days after we finished latest season of bo jack horseman.

handmaid's tale is interesting but pretty heavy.

so folks talk about their day and will have nice dinner. pretty hungry already. :)

hope everyone is having great evening.

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2018-08-15-Wed made japanese hotpot with folks

leader gone to europe. as for us, we folks made japanese hotpot and ate with ponzu. hehe. so nice catching up. touristy area for drinks. :)

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2018-08-14-Tue back from ningbo and welcoming folks soon

back from ningbo and welcoming folks soon. all going well.

just crazily hot. had beef again for dinner. hehe. ;)

busy busy.

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2018-08-13-Mon hangzhou dinner with associates

hangzhou dinner with associates. brought us back nice memories when we traveled here for holiday about four years ago. by the lake, the hangzhou cuisine, this city is where the 紹興酒 is from. had both hot with sugar and dry plum, and cold with lemon. :) had fruitful time with everyone.

after dinner, already to ningbo on a chartered car. went to bed after nightcap. :)

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2018-08-12-Sun so proud of our rehearsal so far

so proud of our rehearsal so far regarding when european folks come visit soon. went to visit many places, took taxi and walked by ourselves the most efficient way, checked cool places, and etc...

it's real good because today is sooooooooo dark and rainy. next wk we will check some places in west nanjing road area, planning to buy some famous snacks in this shop for me to bring back to japan as well.

so we started out our day getting up late and tired from so much walking the last two days, made beef steak sandwiches and latte for brunch, had ice cream, then we took nap again.

now, informed tomorrow and tuesday have business trip to hangzhou and ningbo. busy busy.

tonight wanna eat very nice things for treat to myself. :)

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2018-08-11-Sat yuyuan and then xintiandi again

went to yuyuan area for some rehearsal our european folks coming soon and then xintiandi again for grocery shopping and dinner. both were real crowded with tourists. so crazily hot too. but anyways, walking around was nice and then finally dinner. lovely. had nice ice latte at home late at night and watched bo jack horseman again with folks before going to sleep. leg soooooo tired. hehe.

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2018-08-10-Fri great night at tianzifang & xintiandi

great night at tianzifang & xintiandi. first had spanish dinner and beer in xintiandi and then changed place to a cozy bar in tianzifang and met some other foreigners and had drink together with them and the bar owner until late. was really fun. :)

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2018-08-09-Thu look, i’m busy but whenever i have

look, i'm busy but whenever i have a free time, i take time to push "agree" to these two topics in yahoo news : 田中理事長 and 人質ビジネス related. sometimes there are thousands of comments already, but i take as much time as i have, just a few minutes during break or at home at night to look as many pages as i can and push "agree" on: why tanaka is not quitting, and japanese government should never negotiate with terrorists and use our japanese citizens' tax and help that guy because it is self responsibility and also as most people are thinking that guy is part of the disgusting 人質ビジネス(which he might even get killed for real if plan didn't work and he'd regret himself at the end. wife also looks creepy). this "yahoo japan news comment" might and could become a loud voice if we pushed "agree" or "not agree" whenever we had free time, you know. even a small voice or opinion just by clicking. i believe so. really. true thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!! :(

other than that, not recently, but i do like to participate to push when 伊藤詩織 and 小保方 topics in news. really. give me a break!

anyways, busy but still bringing lunch. today was leftover yakiudon with lots of beef steak and cabbage and carrots that we bought in apita in it!

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2018-08-08-Wed after work, rehearsal for eu visitors

after work, we do rehearsal for eu visitors whenever we are not too tired to go out. four places mainly that we should take them. also collecting name cards of the places and maps to give them, so when we are busy daytime cannot take them around, they can just show the taxi driver the name cards, or go there by subway and find on their own. ;)

anyways, soooooo anemiac todayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. dying for beef. yes, tonight will have beef. :)

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2018-08-07-Tue salmon avocado sandwich lunch

made salmon avocado sandwich for lunch. loving the lotus ginger cookies at coffee break.

in middle of reading new book.

family in kyoto wants to do this and that while i'm in kyoto. i'm also busy with other schedule, so must make plan.

made paprika and zucchini herb flavored pasta for dinner. enjoyed with a glass of new plum wine. happy folks liked it. :) too tired, fell asleep early.

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2018-08-06-Mon dill cream fish

made dill cream fish in oven for dinner. ate with side of potatos. really yummy.

busy busy with files. answering chinese sns fans as well.

ahhhhh, wanna go to apita again already. some nice restaurants and small chinese places that i want to try out but just like hanging out in my new place slowly making it as a cozy home.

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2018-08-05-Sun cycling with folks to buy tickets to japan

did laundry twice and had nice brunch, then cycling with folks to go buy tickets to japan. crazily hot summer. what is this? what is this yr!!!!!???? goshhhhhhhhhh. beige hat from japan, sunglasses help. sweating all over, couldn't find a decent travel agent so decided to ask my folks agent in the island side to take care of business and i just go to airport to check in. :)

anyways, it was cool. while cycling, we found a cool craft beer place and talked with owners as resting, also found a very clean fresh fruit and vegetables shop. also, the closest small japanese supermarket that has some branches here, we cycled front of the store to see how it looked like. maybe i'd go apita more, but maybe it could have some different stuffs that are good too.

again had brown sugar pearl milk tea at our favorite taiwanese tea stand branch, ordered large size and we rested before going home. i read online news that they are trying to quit straws in the world for saving environment and people are talking, because of taiwanese and chinese tea stand culture, what are we supposed to do and how to drink and suck the pearl milktea's pearl up until our mouth from later on....

anyways, after nap, we all cleaned the floor and the kitchen space, tidied up. made nice grilled fish for dinner. so happy our freezer is full of lots of natto. :) cheaper than the foreign grocery store near our place, even apita everything is expensive than japan, but it is a good place in china. hehe.

watched lots of bo jack horseman again before going sleep.

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2018-08-04-Sat apita shopping

went to the building that has apita inside and first had a nice lunch. they have so many japanese restaurants in this building to choose from. after lunch, apita shopping with folks. brought big eco bags from "whole foods market" that i bought with my family in hawaii some yrs ago when aunt also came. hehe. i was amazed how much japanese stuffs you can actually buy here, although they don't have asahi ponzu and all. but really was like a wonderland to me, we bought many things including already made deli food for dinner.

crazily hot day but happy.

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2018-08-03-Fri typhoon.... big rain... :(

typhoon.... big rain... :( so some new foreigner colleagues onboard. yesterday, leader came back from island and had 4hr meeting so pretty tired... some clients trip to europe might be soon.

i have constipation for days now... :( stomach feels heavy and not comfortable. a little bit irritating because of this. after going home, making dinner, then working on other project. pretty busy. want nice brown sugar syrup pearl milktea that everyone likes these days. you turn it upside down and the color looks so beautiful like a marble, then you shake it well until all get mixed, then you drink it. love that marble color. ;)

definately gonna watch bojack horseman before going to bed for relaxing. :)

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2018-08-02-Thu different new project from island

different new project from island again. f and a contacted me and so as long yrs, big files that i have to make again.

after we got home, had nice malaysian dinner near our apartment, then nice mocha ice cream.

i'm listening to "bo jack horseman" and " this is us" soundtracks again, sooooooo cute and nice.

folks making tomorrow's presentation around, cozy night. ;)

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2018-08-01-Wed most expensive projector arriving and all

most expensive projector arriving and all... leader folk love these kind of things. he's already saying he wants the another best one for the bigger room. hehe. so mixture of western and chinese style office. this small river running inside office with some plants and stones, and fish swimming, leader really wanted to do it and told the office designer and construction guys to realize them. haha. the other office that is currently using only for special occasion that the tesla investor guy owns four floors in that building, used it for last international meetings and catering dinner and so on, but leader has more ideas about that place later. :)

anyways, crazily hot. made leftover lunch again. arrabbiata penne with italian parsley and lemon squeezed. wrapped around aluminum foil before the real cool disposable kraft paper bento boxes that we bought in taobao. real nice. :)

so we folks came back and other folks updated about some business going on and client information. our secretary looking for long stay apartments in europe regarding this.

finding some new tea stands with real good pearl milk tea and places for dinner. slowly getting used to neighborhood. many things arriving in taobao at home everyday as well. books, boxes of pocari sweat, water, toilet papers, and others. hehe.

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2018-07-31-Tue bringing lunch everyday so far

bringing lunch everyday so far, mostly leftovers from the night before. i feel good about it. i bring orange too. hehe. i make it basic rule like that, and at night, we can cook or eat outside or order delivery. ;)

the foreigner grocery delivery website is soooooo useful. we also plan going to apita and other japanese supermarket this wkend to get things. one especially, the japanese closet and kitchen cabinet sheet. i bought basket for the closet to not directly put my underwear and t-shirts in the closet, others i hang, but i really want to buy sheets for other quilts, bed related things, and towels place. kitchen as well. right now, pasta sauce bottles and cleaning compartment (we folks call it that) we put things directly, but the dishes, glasses want to put them after we prepared the closet sheets so we keep it on the big table now. japanese sheet products are real good, antibacerial and antimolding. hehe. and cutlery, it is popular for us to put them in several big long duralex latte glasses and show it on the shelf in our dining room. :)

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