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最初の失点に関して、今回のW杯でやたら目にする形容詞 shambolic /ʃæmbάlɪk/ が用いられていました。川島選手のパンチングに関してのコメントです。

"Great moment for Sadio Mane. Shambolic goalkeeping."

James Pearce@JamesPearceEcho

Liverpool FC reporter for the Liverpool Echo. These are my own views.

shambolicは英国用法で、Cambridge Dictionaries Comでは"confused and bad organised"と定義されています。英和辞書では「無秩序の、乱雑な」という訳がつけられていますが、この場面では「あわてた、ドタバタした」あたりでしょう。

waterworks 復習


Dramatic fluctuations seen in water use during Japan’s World Cup game

Tap water consumption in Tokyo’s 23 wards fluctuated dramatically when Japan’s World Cup match against Colombia was held in Russia on Tuesday night.

A sharp increase was seen during halftime and again after the match, an indication of the close attention paid to Japan’s opening game in the tournament’s group stage.

According to data on tap water use released by the Tokyo metropolitan government, the amount sharply decreased immediately after the start of the match. But it increased by 24 percent in the seven minutes from 9:47 p.m., when the first half ended, greatly exceeding the average consumption for that time of day. This was the peak of consumption during the match.


As a similar phenomenon takes place during other international sporting events, including the Olympics, the Tokyo metropolitan government’s waterworks bureau said it takes such measures as adjusting water pressure to avoid a situation in which water does not flow smoothly from taps due to the fluctuations.



 waterworks /wɔ́tɚwɝ̀ks/ を取り上げます。水道局のことをさしていると思いました。『ライトハウス英和辞典』(第5版 研究社)で調べると「上水道、給水設備;給水所、浄水所;水道会社」とありました。

 LDOCEには “the system of pipes and water supplies in a town or city” や “a building in which water is cleaned and then pumped to houses, buildings etc” などと定義されています。


apprehend 復習


Yoichiro Shinozaki, 55, who headed the Yokohama-based firm Harenohi, was apprehended on suspicion of cheating a financial institution of a loan by inflating its sales, the Kanagawa prefectural police said.



今回はapprehend / `æprɪhénd / を紹介します。初見の単語なので調べてみました。

まずOxford English Dictionaryには “Arrest (someone) for a crime” と定義されていました。つまり「逮捕する」の意味だと思いました。

確認のため『ジーニアス英和辞典』第4版(大修館)で調べると「…を捕える, 逮捕する」とあり、arrest / ərést / の遠回し語とありました。